Stray Kids 2ND MINI ALBUM “I am WHO” Inst. Lyric Card 8 “Mixtape#2”

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 1, 2018
  • Stray Kids 2ND MINI ALBUM “I am WHO” Inst. Lyric Card 8 “Mixtape#2

    Stray Kids DEBUT ALBUM "I am NOT"
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  • STAY beside SKZ

     (Aug 1, 2018)

    Feel like I wake up in the early morning, stare outside the window to see the morning sunlight


     (Aug 21, 2018)

    Lol it's so trueee

  • jungshook

     (Aug 1, 2018)

    perfect description

  • Stay Ren

     (Aug 1, 2018)

    Lyric card English translation!!~ "I can’t take ownership of my own dreams, being utterly ignorant about my own future,my passion becomes a flashlight to light up whats in front, when we all 9 gatherwe become a lighthouse, and the situation changes.Like a light tied around so that I won’t forget,a silhoutte coming from a bright place so that when you turn around, you see that brightened place i’ll wait for you there." This is actually beautiful

  • mrew 105

     (Aug 2, 2018)

    Would you translate all of their songs when it comes out? Your translation is really beautiful.

  • Nabila Miah

     (Aug 2, 2018)

    Ouma Kokichi. This is beautiful. Thanks so much. 💞

  • Multifandom Fangirl

     (Aug 1, 2018)

    Knowing that all the members participated in writing this song makes it so *emotional* especially when we finally heard the instrumental .. huhuhu . Imagine them singing this and then at the same time calling/ saying our fandom name, and they're saying different messages for us. I love them all. PROUD TO BE PART OF THIS FANDOM AND TO BE A STAY <3 TT^TT <3 <3

  • multi nena

     (Aug 1, 2018)

    Stays where y'all at!?!?!

  • Kpop Fangirl

     (Aug 7, 2018)

    I'm here

  • Rory Haase

     (Aug 5, 2018)

    Forever and always

  • Tatyana T

     (Aug 1, 2018)

    So beautiful. I feel like crying now😭😭

  • Tatyana T

     (Aug 1, 2018)

    Erwin Pardede I'm still feeling emotional.

  • Erwin Pardede

     (Aug 1, 2018)

    Tatyana T rightt

  • Prince Hyunjin Stray Itzy Once

     (Aug 1, 2018)

    This song gonna be my lullaby


     (Aug 1, 2018)

    it sounds so different from the 3racha version omg im excited

  • a fool with many biases

     (Aug 2, 2018)

    fangirl everbroke oh I didn't know this song, thank you 💖

  • fangirl everbroke

     (Aug 2, 2018)

    It's because that song was a cover. The instrumental is from 멀어 but the lyrics of 그림자도 빛이 있어야 존재 is written/composed by 3RACHA :)Here's the link:

  • multi trash

     (Aug 1, 2018)

    i'm so proud to call myself a *Stay* ♡

  • вαву вυи

     (Aug 1, 2018)

    im already sobbing

  • Bang Chan skz

     (Aug 1, 2018)

    So relaxing song 😍😍😍😍😍😍