My First SSG Transformation Mod - Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Mods

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 10, 2019
  • This video is about a new SSG transformation mod that is in the making by myself. It took me approximately a week to learn how to make transformations and this is the first result as my first mod.
    I plan on releasing this with a transformable skillset and probably some custom skills made by me. If you enjoyed let me know what you think about it and please leave a like and subscribe for more

    Special thank you to Azura for bearing with my thousands of questions and teaching me so much stuff about scripting. Also special thank you to the guys in the citadel server, especially Douglas, Pandas, Xero and Raze for helping me in solving some issues.

    Other mods featured:



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  • Phil E

    Phil E

     21 days ago

    Maybe the ending needs to be a bit more wider but other than that it is a nice mod good job man

  • Hifumi san

    Hifumi san

     1 months ago

    Proceeds to stamina break*

  • Demarcus Keene

    Demarcus Keene

     1 months ago

    That looks litty

  • Jsalm Animations

    Jsalm Animations

     1 months ago

    That's really great!!! but I think it should just be a bit faster

  • LyAndrewX


     1 months ago

    where I can get those auras?

  • PsyKo Pat

    PsyKo Pat

     1 months ago

    Hey, BjornTheBear ! i am also trying to create a transformation mod ! but i know nothing of it...
    also all the transformation i want to make would be for CAC, and i already have some cool, fresh new ideas...
    if you have any kind of link to a forum or want to help me, heres a link to my discord group :

    Or you can just send me a link for help here... thanks in advance if your willing to help

  • Omega Silver

    Omega Silver

     2 months ago

    Looks great! But the Goku in the blue Kamehameha... I can still see the god aura. Fix that and it will be amazing!

  • christian rodriguez

    christian rodriguez

     2 months ago

    Is this transformation for cac as well?

  • ARAnime


     2 months ago

    This is honestly amazing for your first mod

  • Slightly Dissapointing Child

    Slightly Dissapointing Child

     2 months ago

    The aura is nice

  • Vype Dzn

    Vype Dzn

     2 months ago

    you need to make dbs gogeta fusion mod!! that would be so cool!

  • LT Xenovs2

    LT Xenovs2

     2 months ago

    where the link ?

  • Javon Arnett

    Javon Arnett

     2 months ago

    I like how goku turns in to ssblue and still have the ssg aura that right there is the work of art

  • ZeoGod Jotaro

    ZeoGod Jotaro

     2 months ago


  • Enzo Mercier

    Enzo Mercier

     2 months ago

    Excellent, you should try to make it a bit faster though, even a bot would have the time to figure he can stamina breaks you

  • Torino PL

    Torino PL

     2 months ago


  • Tejas Saraf

    Tejas Saraf

     2 months ago

    Can you please give me the link of the mod

  • Name Cannot Be Blank

    Name Cannot Be Blank

     2 months ago

    Huh, who woulda thought that your first time making a mod, and its litty.

    You should do more my guy

  • Rosé Goku Black

    Rosé Goku Black

     2 months ago

    Please make this a cac transformation mod

  • Amid Hodge

    Amid Hodge

     2 months ago

    Officially my fav mod ever