MLB Angriest Players

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 25, 2017
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  • Bristan Blecha

    Bristan Blecha

     5 hours ago

    Favorite clip: 3:09-3:20



     12 hours ago +1

    Yunel "helmet slammer" escobar



     12 hours ago +1

    Matt "bat destroyer" kemp

  • Paige Mack

    Paige Mack

     2 days ago

    Player starts fight
    Me: Well, imma need you to chill fam...

    Umpire throws player out of game
    Me: player throws umpire out of game...

    Player throws fit on the field
    Me: Why are 20-40 year olds acting like 2-4 year olds?

    Player talks back to umpire
    Me: player spills tea.

    Player throws fit in dugout
    Me: Give him a pacifier!

    Both teams huddle to stop a fight
    Me: Alright, group huddle...

    Breaks bat
    Me: Dang, what did the bat do to you?

    Players start talking back, umpire stops catcher from stopping the fight
    Me: Does the umpire want the fight to happen?

    Player lifts leg for a long time before snapping his bat
    Me: Is he doing the flamingo?

    player tries to break bat
    Me: I'm not strong enough...Coach you wanna do it for me?

    I would put more, but this is already long enough, lol

  • Pietra Rivera

    Pietra Rivera

     7 days ago

    Lol it’s funny mate kemp

  • Ryan Monahan

    Ryan Monahan

     14 days ago

    manny the rager

  • Pietra Rivera

    Pietra Rivera

     14 days ago +1

    I like the first one when they punch

  • fermin montesuma montesuma

    fermin montesuma montesuma

     14 days ago

    Tipos malcriados como estos deverian de ser sansionados por respetos a atantos niños que cresen idolatrando a estos peloteros

  • denis77777777


     21 days ago

    Bunch of overplayed babies👶

  • 360 360

    360 360

     21 days ago

    Why wouldn't they just ask the umpire may you please review the call because in my opinion that's not a good call so may you please review the call

  • Drea Frat

    Drea Frat

     28 days ago

    These guys r little pussies like if u strike out deal with it. What pleasure do u get out of breaking yer bat. The only thing u r doing is waisting trees. And aren’t these guys supposed to be professionals and the ones that little kids look up to. If so I don’t think parents should let there children look up to this.

  • donald deluxe

    donald deluxe

     a months ago

    No big papi? I thought for sure he had some angry moments.

  • Xennon Arends

    Xennon Arends

     a months ago

    one day bautista is gonna hit the umpire in the face with a bat

  • Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell

     a months ago

    Ashame the Nationals won it all AFTER Bryce left! LOL!

  • Prince Playz_Yt

    Prince Playz_Yt

     a months ago

    Bautista and Kemp look alike...I wonder why......

  • Cid Guridy

    Cid Guridy

     a months ago

    Should be called mlb biggest babies.

  • Robert Lauer

    Robert Lauer

     a months ago

    Why Umbri

  • Carly Lindgren

    Carly Lindgren

     a months ago

    I hate those f**** umpires who throw you out of the game

  • Austin Lubek

    Austin Lubek

     a months ago

    Once I found out I could break a bat over my knee I'd do that everytime I struck out. It would not be good for my leg

  • Dean Ambrose123

    Dean Ambrose123

     a months ago

    Matt Kemp: don’t let him borrow your bat