Swamp People: Full Episode - Danger Zone (Season 9, Episode 19) | HISTORY

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 15, 2019
  • For more HISTORY, watch the series premiere of Kings of Pain, 11/12 at 10/9c

    Troy pushes his luck. Willie races the clock. and Frenchy goes back to the future in Season 9, Episode 19, "Danger Zone". #SwampPeople
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    "Swamp People" dives into the lives of Louisiana swampers during the most crucial time of their year: alligator hunting season.

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     21 days ago +5

    For more HISTORY, watch the series premiere of Kings of Pain, 11/12 at 10/9c

  • Dustin Johnson

    Dustin Johnson

     7 hours ago

    Willie if you want free labor I would take a month vacation from work to work the swamp an catch gators with you an not ask for no money just need a place to sleep an cook good rent house for the month or a spare room

  • jah love

    jah love

     4 days ago +1

    Jacob's brother cant shoot alligator.... Risk his brother's life

  • kevin15chopper


     5 days ago

    Wow that gator was still alive at the end of the day!!! They had picked it up and moved 8 times!!

  • Julio Guzman

    Julio Guzman

     5 days ago

    Willie ain't no Joke!!.

  • Jin Suh

    Jin Suh

     5 days ago


  • Scott Griffin

    Scott Griffin

     6 days ago

    That Willy is a tough nut, all by himself!

  • Scott Griffin

    Scott Griffin

     6 days ago

    Only Troy could catch two at a time.

  • Z


     6 days ago


  • April Nguyen

    April Nguyen

     7 days ago

    willie is a queennnn like sis

  • carolyn sweeden

    carolyn sweeden

     7 days ago +2

    Willie IS THE BEST he by hiself kills them and loads them he is a tough man;;;

  • Terry Sigmon

    Terry Sigmon

     7 days ago +6

    Willie is a brave man doing this by himself.

  • renegadethedestroyer


     7 days ago

    What happened to willies dad why is he not on the show anymore?

  • R L

    R L

     7 days ago

    Swamp people ? This ain't Washington DC. And BTW it's an insult to the people who actually live, work, and survive in America's swamp lands.

  • Richard  Burgess

    Richard Burgess

     7 days ago

    Another gator another beer

  • 1960snapper


     14 days ago +3

    Willy is definitely an alligator hunter for sure !! No doubt about that !!!

  • T S

    T S

     21 days ago

    willie is a beast with it

  • Antique Rocker

    Antique Rocker

     21 days ago +2


  • Mr. Sim

    Mr. Sim

     21 days ago +5

    Um sorry Mr. Landry but you are the swamp king. You made this show popular! I didn't watch it beforehand I just stumbled upon it. You are the leader of the Landry family. I don't know who this Bruce guy is but I'm sure you and your family can get the main connection to the person who is buying the gator meat from him. You got the clout in the game. Don't let Bruce work you. You work for the Landry family. "Y'all Shoot Em" Salute Mr Landry and the Landry family.

  • Michel Oseh

    Michel Oseh

     21 days ago +2

    Absolutely Love this show!! Much love n respects to all the "swomp ppl" 😀