How to Remove a Stump, Cheaply & Effectively!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 12, 2017
  • This video is a how to on burning a stump with a quick and efficient method. The key is a steady heat applied as low on a stump as you can get it. We achieved this by cutting into it with a chainsaw.
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  • Joe Zyzyx

    Joe Zyzyx

     a years ago +82

    Everyone should watch the new video. Much better and he took suggestions to heart. Kudos on the new video.

  • Eric Knowles

    Eric Knowles

     an hour ago

    Like you have a chainsaw. Cut lower then do this.

  • Rugby Fan

    Rugby Fan

     17 hours ago

    Nice work 🙂 subbed and noted 👍🏽

  • HankCScorpio


     19 hours ago

    “Utilize it”? Utilize it? Jeez man. Stop trying so hard. Just say the normal word USE next time. You utilize something for something other than its intended purpose. Otherwise just say use it

  • 5410th


     23 hours ago

    Neal, I love this video. Your video reminds me of the" Yule Log" from old WPIX TV in NYC, from 1970's. For 24 hours, on Christmas day, Yule Log is the only thing on that channel. Your video is much better than the Yule Log and it is very soothing with the back drop and the sound of howling wind!

  • Tabby Press

    Tabby Press


    Ok perhaps if you are near water. Roots also burn and ones close to the surface start fires days later. At least that is what happened at our place. We didn't use any fuel. Scary to have the ground smoking all around.

  • Antonio Lafergola

    Antonio Lafergola

     2 days ago

    Cool idea! Unfortunately I gave you a thumbs down because that music drove me nuts!!!😖

  • Huge Dabs

    Huge Dabs

     2 days ago


  • cathleen more

    cathleen more

     2 days ago

    I an here by accident and no, I don't own a stump. I wish I did and I would keep it

  • Darrin35


     2 days ago +1

    Hope that the utilities are a long way away so they don't burn when the roots burn...

  • 70 Roadrunner

    70 Roadrunner

     2 days ago

    Drill some good sized holes or cut into it with a saw then put a few cups of feed molasses on it and cover it with either chicken manure or cow manure and wet it down and cover it with a bucket or plastic tarp or whatever.. In a couple of months it will be rotted away with no fire, takes 10 minutes to get done and you can go do something else..

  • Impatief


     2 days ago

    It's a Swedish Candle

  • Big Dawg

    Big Dawg

     4 days ago

    That stump would made good seat for fishing

  • The Keto Chief

    The Keto Chief

     4 days ago

    a little motor oil helps on a windy day. but my self I prefer drilling a whole down the center filling it with gun powder or homemade explosive of your choice and blow it up. if you do nto have that stuff you can make things do not ask how do research but lets just say orange juice and lamp oil can do a great job.

  • Brian Shiel

    Brian Shiel

     4 days ago

    Very effective method of removing stumps! Great demonstration. Thanks for posting.

  • Sharon Tatu

    Sharon Tatu

     4 days ago

    I can appreciate the motive some money have something to do...but that stump would have been gone down to a foot under the ground in about 2 minutes with a grinder...yeah rentals arent cheap but hiring the guy who owns one is...then you have nothing to do but pay....besides burning them makes them harder later if you want them out for construction purposes...

  • William Hall

    William Hall

     5 days ago

    Should have cooked up some food and fished the night away, and don't forget the coffee

  • Big Salmon

    Big Salmon

     5 days ago

    Or you could pay a stump grinding business like 60-100 bucks and save yourself literally hours lol. Is your time really worth that little? Actually, seeing as this video is 22 minutes and edited all the way through... Yep ur time appears to be worth less than minimum wage lol

  • David Portnoy

    David Portnoy

     6 days ago

    could DEFINATELY do without the bumper music!

  • Kimdino1


     6 days ago

    I would use real coals i.e. the lumps of black rock, not smouldering wood. These would smoulder quietly, keeping a lot of heat in while not using up all the oxygen. Thus the stump wood would dfry out and be heated to ignition while still having oxygen available for burning. Whereas dried twigs burn more readily than the green stump wood, so grab all the oxygen, while not lasting long enough to dry out the stump wood properly. As you said, slow burning is the way to do it and coal would have allowed it to be more so. The slow smouldering coal should even have let you go 100mm+ below ground level.