The rainforest hermit who stepped out of the wild | Australian Story

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  • Published on:  Monday, September 3, 2018
  • Beetles, worms and lizards — Gregory Smith ate just about anything to stay alive in the forest.

    From a homeless hermit to a university lecturer, he's proven you can overcome anything in your search for a safe place. He shares his story with Australian Story.

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  • Valkyrie Pedersen

    Valkyrie Pedersen

     10 hours ago

    I wish you could help me I live in American. still recovering from the nightmare . In my 60's......I'm stuffed up inside. But dont trust anyone. self medicate. and isolate

  • Narice Woolon

    Narice Woolon

     17 hours ago

    Sweetie, I know what you went such thing as Child Abuse back them, I went through something similar 😭😭😭

  • bekka earth

    bekka earth

     23 hours ago

    Ordering the book now..

  • Edel Quinn

    Edel Quinn


    His voice is so sweet and compassionate

  • Edel Quinn

    Edel Quinn


    Gregory is so beautiful so sweet it’s so amazing the resiliency of the human spirit




    why are people so fast to judge

  • Ernie Upton

    Ernie Upton


    Cut it hippie!

  • Red Wing

    Red Wing


    I’ve been listening to his audiobook “Out of the Forest”- it’s really exceptional stuff. Gregory Smith’s tale is intriguing, honest & raw. It’s so cool to put a face to this “little Aussie Battler”. On ya Gregory! 👏🏿✌🏽

  • Real Life Stories INC

    Real Life Stories INC


    Im basically a 21 year old version of him. Ive gotten to the point where i have most of the same views on what i went through and its impact on me. I dont wanna drown my sorrows, i wanna blow the lid off of what was done to me. I saw this at the right moment, ive been through it all too, and i gave up on moving forward a while ago.. i feel trapped, and incapable because of my disabilities.. i think i was just re inspired.. im very passionate about helping others, and looking at the bigger picture in society.. i think im gonna do what he did..

  • YourAverageGoyl


     2 days ago

    Well done, Gregory. I don't think you're a sociopath, either.

  • Carter


     3 days ago

    Psychedelics helped another person slip in and out of self. Vice has a series on Ayahuasca healers in KY. Watch those and you'll understand how and why he was able to slip through the back door of sanity and liking oneself again. there's something to these psychedelics society is not taking advantage of.

  • Joseph Anderson

    Joseph Anderson

     3 days ago

    Just imagine what this man would have been or accomplished had he been given a nurturing and loving upbringing. Now imagine all the children, who had been abused, had been shown love: a much better and healthier world.

  • Gary Christopher

    Gary Christopher

     3 days ago

    Gregory what a great example of how you can overcome the darkness.Complete respect for this man.

  • Peter Brodie

    Peter Brodie

     4 days ago +5

    Still many forgotten people: we need to recognise this and make space for them to ask for help. In UK our schools are full of them, because many are a bit like Gregory's orphanage in some respects: the punishments, the isolations, the raised voices of teachers, the unwillingness of many adults to listen with a view to understanding.
    I salute Gregory for his determination to be the change🙏

  • Dusty Dawg

    Dusty Dawg

     5 days ago

    Only way out is in !!

  • jennie lee

    jennie lee

     5 days ago

    🙏🏻 Hope you are well during these horrible fires 🙏🏻 pray for mother Gaia 🌍

  • Twilight Wessels

    Twilight Wessels

     5 days ago

    That was such a touching story. I can relate to it in so many ways. Even though I was never homeless or lived out in the woods. They told me I was sociopath too. That I had Anti-social Personality Disorder, and I would always be that way. They said I had disassociative personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, bi-polar 1 and 2 disorder. I've tried to tell them I was just on meth and heroin and did very large amounts but who would listen to me right. Today I am clean, and take no mental health meds, I do see a therapist for complex PTSD and studying psychology. I knew I wasn't what they said I was. I just knew it.

  • Shaun Davey

    Shaun Davey

     7 days ago

    Definitely Australian of the year candidate. Instead of those overpaid sportsmen or TV personalities!

  • Zev Dragonwolf

    Zev Dragonwolf

     7 days ago

    I lived in the bush for 3 months due to decline in mental health loss of job and centrelink wouldn't pay me until I got a new birth certificate which took months so I went to live out bush because I had nowhere else to go.
    I lived off food from the local services like vinnies but I could only go once a month so it was weetbix and rice I mostly ate and I drank river water because there was no fresh water. I eventually got a bladder infection from washing in dirty river water.
    Then when centrelink paid I was still homeless for a year because I had a dog and nobody would rent me a room with a pet but my mental health relied on not giving up my whippet
    I'm stable enough now but the psychologist said I should apply for a disability payment and centrelink rejected it so now I am going through the appeal process but it is a disgrace how I worked for 20 years full time but now the very infrastructure I helped pay for can't support me or give me access the the services my medical professionals say I need, and the potential for decline is only ever one day of dysfunction away. I know I will live in the bush again one day when I have nowhere to go.
    Would be nice if there was more pubblic access to fresh water though.

  • Studio Z

    Studio Z

     7 days ago

    ...stepped finally out of the wild of his father... God bless you und your sisters, mate... am very touched by your story