Pyrotechnics Pro Explains the Art of a Massive Fireworks Show | WIRED

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 3, 2018
  • Ever wonder how those massive fireworks spectacles get off the ground? Pyrotechnics pro Jim Souza has you covered.

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    Pyrotechnics Pro Explains the Art of a Massive Fireworks Show | WIRED
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  • Burgerswag 1375

    Burgerswag 1375

     13 days ago

    Lol i know this already because I’m a pyro geek! Great vid anyways!

  • LazySkull


     22 days ago

    0:25 . Wrestlemania?

  • Wartortleland


     29 days ago

    Any drone enthusiasts here??😂😂

  • eXDee


     1 months ago

    no wonder we all love fireworks so much.

  • John Doe

    John Doe

     3 months ago

    This would be my dream job. Easily.

  • Rykee


     4 months ago

    What about komodo 3000?

  • Pyro Guy

    Pyro Guy

     4 months ago

    How does one ever get to build,load, and hand-light on shoot sites??

  • Samed de Haan

    Samed de Haan

     4 months ago

    None investigator along summit improve nine provided extremely.

  • Aron Hellstrom

    Aron Hellstrom

     4 months ago

    address charge who dutch container horrible concrete.

  • NintendopePokemonFreak Ruben

    NintendopePokemonFreak Ruben

     4 months ago

    this is fake

  • Panda Fireworks

    Panda Fireworks

     4 months ago

    Nice video, 1.4g fireworks are fun, but for me display products always impressed the most

  • Brian Orr

    Brian Orr

     5 months ago +1

    ^^ cool

  • John De La Islas

    John De La Islas

     5 months ago

    Copper is blue. But I heard a deep blue that last longer hasn't been invented yet.

  • schotte


     5 months ago

    He does sound rather like Jeff Goldblum.

  • Dyer Visuals

    Dyer Visuals

     5 months ago +1

    that windows mac tho 3:44 LOL

  • TMT the manny team

    TMT the manny team

     5 months ago


  • Jed Valentine

    Jed Valentine

     5 months ago

    Go to Chinese New Year, fireworks here will always seem lame after

  • MrHustler


     5 months ago

    Don't blow your self up!

  • Dkota


     5 months ago

    I wanna do this for a living

  • Rockitfish Ray

    Rockitfish Ray

     5 months ago

    Visiting Los Angeles We saw the most crazy block party fireworks some scary: check out a safe and insane firework so crazy ! Longer version please subscribe !! ;))