How Avengers Endgame Should Have Ended

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 13, 2019
  • How Avengers Endgame Should Have Ended
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  • Rudi Frank

    Rudi Frank

     4 hours ago

    Vision is still dead...

  • Andrew Rhodes

    Andrew Rhodes

     4 hours ago

    4:29 Steve Rogers: So...

    Me: (sings) 🎵 When Captain America throws his mighty shield! All those who chose to oppose his shield must yield! 🎵

  • Marry Jayne

    Marry Jayne

     4 hours ago

    I love you two point eight billion.

  • Sahib Singh

    Sahib Singh

     6 hours ago

    Afer saving the world,
    Magneto married Wanda

  • Vemron Slice

    Vemron Slice

     11 hours ago

    I think you can start a running joke with the “I think you just invented immortality “ joke

  • Jahlia D

    Jahlia D

     13 hours ago +1

    but this is so true

  • Isabel Alfonzo

    Isabel Alfonzo

     15 hours ago


  • MysteryMaster23


     17 hours ago

    Do you ever get copyrighted

  • Fodhla Gallagher

    Fodhla Gallagher

     20 hours ago +2

    Ok at 4:10 I legit said how and he said “because I’m Batman” I should’ve seen that coming

  • Joyanta Sen

    Joyanta Sen

     20 hours ago

    Not only Wong but also Dr strange could beat thanos very easy

  • Rohan Narula

    Rohan Narula

     21 hours ago

    Thanos can lift mjolnir

  • Rocketgod 68

    Rocketgod 68

     23 hours ago

    Their animation is good

  • star light

    star light


    Wish happened in true

  • Hayzam Nour

    Hayzam Nour

     yesterday +1

    Avengers: Everybody lives yay 😁

    Gamora,Vision,QuickSilver: ArE We A jOkE To YoU

  • Nedim Mršić

    Nedim Mršić



  • Snow Doggo

    Snow Doggo


    1945: Hitlers suicide

    2015: 1:41 Red Skulls suicide

  • Levi Thorstone

    Levi Thorstone


    Bucky should have gotten the shield

  • TheReaperLord 190

    TheReaperLord 190



  • peter papadimitriou

    peter papadimitriou


    Its about time you guys did one of end game, the movie itself was great Abit too long but super lol

  • Mario Denny

    Mario Denny


    7:07 Two Hulks?