My first (and last) Tinder experience



  • Dragon Queen

    Dragon Queen

     7 months ago +3593

    We need to rescue that cat

  • Angel Rose Mensorado

    Angel Rose Mensorado

     6 months ago +3782

    2017 Alex: Just meet up new people on your local library.
    2019 Netflix: YOU

  • lmn222002


     7 months ago +2662 didn't get any dessert??

  • MissGlamBAM


     5 months ago +1053

    'I wasn't prepared for the level of Rapunzel in this apartment.' I LOST IT at that line...this is insane

  • Razer mix Ray

    Razer mix Ray

     6 months ago +1257

    “Young and full of dreams”
    “Don’t touch me”

  • QueenLaya


     2 months ago +258

    “Now... i didn’t wanna do that... i wanted to go home”

  • Cele Rosso

    Cele Rosso

     8 months ago +2095

    DUUDDEEE! I'm so sorry for your experience, but for real I couldn't stop laughing about it. Everyone who used Tinder have lived some kind of situation like yours (I had). You make my day.

  • Suçons


     2 months ago +279

    This sounds like it could be on Riverdale

  • Marie Jones

    Marie Jones

     7 months ago +489

    My first tinder date was scary af. He was disrespectful, pulled on my earring to slow me down as I was walking and he had topless photos being sent to him on WhatsApp whist he was talking to me.
    But on my second date I met my boyfriend. And we are very much happy together in a good stable relationship for 3 months now.

  • Samantha Felix

    Samantha Felix

     5 months ago +225

    if you meet someone on tinder and meet up with them dont go straight away to there house ... YOU KNOW !!!!!!

  • Josefina Roccatagliata

    Josefina Roccatagliata

     yesterday +3

    2:56 had me dying
    Girl: i do photoshop!
    Alex: you dont say!!
    Me: (insert REALLY wierd laughing noise here)

  • Sophia Rieke

    Sophia Rieke

     1 months ago +51

    "'I do photoshop.' Ha! Ya don't say?!" hahahahaha

  • Edgar Larios

    Edgar Larios

     8 months ago +3310

    This guy is a great storyteller. I was 100% invested. I actually felt pretty sick when he described the Rapunzel heads. Don't know why. I really got creeped out.



     1 months ago +63

    I bet her cats name is pascal..... 😅 Just kidding. But seriously we need to save the cat🐈

  • ShanteRoxxane


     6 months ago +428

    "Photoshop" Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Pfft 🤣

  • Y / N

    Y / N

     7 months ago +183

    Your voice and animations make everything 3x better kfmcdklckrnf

  • Samuel Kelemen

    Samuel Kelemen

     5 months ago +50

    This is a 9/8 video.

  • seasong


     a years ago +10595

    SPOILER Never show your puppet head collection on the first date

  • Tumu Gaszghu

    Tumu Gaszghu

     7 months ago +124

    Tinder in Japan. What do ya expect??

  • Madisyn Powers

    Madisyn Powers

     5 months ago +80

    Met my fiancé on tinder 😂 getting married in October 2019!