The Races That Jump-Started the Self-Driving Car | WIRED

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 10, 2017
  • A decade ago, the idea of self-driving cars on American city streets was almost unthinkable. But a series of contests spurred the development of software and hardware that have brought us to dawn of the next automotive revolution.

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    The Races That Jump-Started the Self-Driving Car | WIRED
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  • Memes n Shet

    Memes n Shet

     3 months ago

    9:08 what up with that glitch?

  • Balaji Ramamurthy

    Balaji Ramamurthy

     4 months ago

    Yantrai: Integrated Sensors For Autonomous Vehicle

  • chair


     7 months ago

    why when talking about the us military it shows British vehicles and infantry

  • martis martiis

    martis martiis

     8 months ago

    if the self driving cars take off will normal cars become cheaper?

  • pityo gonzalez

    pityo gonzalez

     8 months ago

    Cartels are gonna start using these to transport drugs. Who do you arrest?...the terminator.

  • HailAnts


     8 months ago

    I remember seeing the first two desert races on an episode of _NOVA_ on PBS. I was amazed at the progress made. I also felt bad for the motorcycle team (Ghost Rider). They had an innovative machine and it only failed because of a small mistake right at the start.

  • Mary Joan Vlogs

    Mary Joan Vlogs

     9 months ago

    0:17 Dodge Demon or Challenger?

  • PresidentialWinner


     10 months ago

    Wow! Also his name is BOSS?? I want a surname that cool.

  • Reinaldo Gonzalez

    Reinaldo Gonzalez

     10 months ago

    i remember seeing this on Discovery

  • Avetho Plays

    Avetho Plays

     11 months ago

    When I heard Grand Challenge, I had a cat-like grin on my face as I remembered the Hummer H1, called H1ghlander. That was my favorite car for a long time. It was in the 2005 Grand Challenge. The Hummer H1 still sits as one of my favorite cars of all time, in part because of H1ghlander :D

  • Jason Hatt

    Jason Hatt

     11 months ago

    It's time to have a world full of Self Driving Cars.

  • Angel


     11 months ago

    Crazy to think we were able to make self driving cars in 2005,yet we watched our vids at 480p.

  • Erik Soderberg

    Erik Soderberg

     11 months ago

    They side CEO ideology concert favorite child gently.

  • Aaron Barnes

    Aaron Barnes

     12 months ago

    re chronic later air sell title aids.

  • NoobyGameing YT

    NoobyGameing YT

     12 months ago

    this takes away my fear of driveing

  • Jay K

    Jay K

     1 years ago

    Predator Drones, Agent Orange, GPS. Wait a second....

  • Pungent Pie

    Pungent Pie

     1 years ago +1

    Be interesting to see if you can build one with a manual car too

  • nikrusty


     1 years ago +1


  • Ghalib Muhammad

    Ghalib Muhammad

     1 years ago

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  • Calvin van Leeuwen

    Calvin van Leeuwen

     1 years ago

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