My FAVORITE Mario Maker 2 TROLL Level So Far!!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 13, 2019
  • This was the first Mario 3D World Style Troll level I have played in Mario Maker 2 so far and Burg knocked it out of the's my favorite troll level I've played so far!!

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  • Burg


     6 months ago +1422

    Oh no that start over XD would Ryu restart? Kappa
    Glad you liked the level! Great video!

  • Nate1532


     2 days ago

    5:15 that's not checkpoint 2 lol
    Edit: it was just a funny joke don't be mad at me dave

  • никита миналто

    никита миналто

     3 days ago

    Make a video where you get trolled 100000000000000000000000000000 times.

  • Bobby Rizzo

    Bobby Rizzo

     4 days ago

    Can you play the Alpharad levels?

  • Arnaldo Laus

    Arnaldo Laus

     5 days ago

    Freddie Mercury’s Mustache.
    Do i need to say more?

  • Christopher Kraft

    Christopher Kraft

     6 days ago +1

    Nice Troll

  • Snakedoctor O'Reilly

    Snakedoctor O'Reilly

     7 days ago

    If we combined Ryu’s brain with some of dgr skill...perfect runner. DGR is a great player....but his brain fails him a lot in Mario haha.

  • Noah Summerer

    Noah Summerer

     7 days ago

    13:27 "My goodness gang, I hope this level has given you some really good ideas for some trolls you can make in 3D World."

    That's the whole reason I began to watch this video in the first place!

  • Jestar


     7 days ago

    Lol ffffffff

  • The Sugar Rush Potatoez

    The Sugar Rush Potatoez

     7 days ago

    Dave: “We need to bring the red koopa shell.”
    Taps head

    Also realizes he pressed start over
    “Wait... NOOOOOO”

  • Jordan Hockett

    Jordan Hockett

     7 days ago

    End the political campaigns youtube.

  • Shuckle


     7 days ago +1

    21:56 it’s a shame that he could have actually dodged that troll

  • Axel Morales

    Axel Morales

     14 days ago +1

    DGR's Stroll with a Troll:

  • Cr3atorkidYT


     14 days ago

    You keep n laughing while i would be raging like heck.

  • Anthony Eibes

    Anthony Eibes

     14 days ago +1

    stars over "years if academy training... Wasted"

  • Eduardo Petropolis

    Eduardo Petropolis

     14 days ago

    Check alpharad’s levels
    They are all tricky

  • Brad Spitt

    Brad Spitt

     14 days ago +1

    Lol he said freddy mercury's mustache

  • Andrew Hasenpflug And Pugsriel

    Andrew Hasenpflug And Pugsriel

     14 days ago +1

    There’s a huge problem with these. What I call the “one level” problem. The level basically tells you you’re wrong. Instead, it should progress forward to make you think you’re right, but DESTROI you later.

  • Peter Hart

    Peter Hart

     14 days ago

    1:39 I believe that is called bonking your head, not activating a switch

  • One in a million

    One in a million

     21 days ago

    Ryukcar will always bring the show with him