MARIO IS BROKE! | Culture Shock (Super Mario Odyssey)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 8, 2017
  • Join the Theorists for more! ►►'S BIRTH! | Bendy & The Ink Machine ► Bendy EXPOSES Disney Conspiracies! ►► MARIO ODYSSEY looks amazing, but there's something missing from all the game trailers: COINS! This is wild considering that coins are everywhere in Mario Games. In fact coins are so plentiful, they've gotta be nearly worthless by now! Interestingly, this carries a lot of precedence in Japanese history. In this episode, GG shows how coin inflation in Mario's universe mirrors an identical problem in Japan's history!Join the Theorists! ►► out with us on GTLive! ►► Theories:We Got the BITE Wrong! | FNAF ►► You a KID OR SQUID?! | Splatoon ►'s SECRET Behind the Switch! ►► is WD GASTER?! | Undertale ►►'s MILLION DOLLAR Mansion! ►► YouTube KILLING Pewdiepie?! ►► Culture Shock:Zelda: Is the Triforce EVIL? ►► Truth Behind Hello Neighbor ►► the Cartel | Ghost Recon: Wildlands ► out some more of our awesome video game content:Game Theory: Shock: and Sidequesting: to TheLivingTombstone and for the music!
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  • Ryuko Matoi

    Ryuko Matoi

     2 years ago +1994

    Imagine an edo period stripclub and people are just tossing rice all over the place.

  • Pearls Of Perfection

    Pearls Of Perfection

     2 years ago +170

    there are coins on the tree in the forest but still good video



     2 years ago +125

    Was It a COINincidence?

  • yung syphilis

    yung syphilis

     2 years ago +10

    coins in super mario galaxy in 1 and 2 actually served a purpose and were used for things such as regaining lost health and if my memory serves me right discovering new galaxies

  • That guy

    That guy

     2 years ago +41

    at 8:01 you can see more coins in the top right of the screen

  • bryce sabol

    bryce sabol

     2 years ago +932


  • wassim.sghaier


     2 years ago +7

    How to solve world hunger:
    Make "koko" an actual modern currency.

  • SquidZ Snipes

    SquidZ Snipes

     a years ago +3

    Yes there is coins in Super Mario Odessey, I play it on my Switch and i have come across a lot of coins... so, yeah.

  • Nincadalop


     2 years ago +1

    There's a mistake:
    3:28 "equal to one cubic meter in 150 kilos or 130 pounds."
    but it shows 150 kilos/330lbs

  • Denise Veldhuis

    Denise Veldhuis

     2 years ago +10

    was it a, ehem, coincidence?

  • Gaijin Goombah Media

    Gaijin Goombah Media

     2 years ago +798

    You guys are such sweethearts. Sometimes I get caught up in stuff about history and culture that really excite me, and on occasion overlook things. ^_^;; But I had a blast with the history that I found, and I hope you guys do too!

  • Mike Kazz

    Mike Kazz

     2 years ago +5

    Oh my God, the Seven Samurai movie make so much more sense now, thanks Gaijin

  • CreepCS


     2 years ago +13

    found more coins 8:00 top right corner

  • Alexis Welsh

    Alexis Welsh

     2 years ago +74

    MatPat + Super Carlin Bros = Great vid. + Seamus Gorman = Awesome Vid.

  • Greninja Lets Play

    Greninja Lets Play

     2 years ago +11

    Gold coins are used everywhere, like a universal currency.



     2 years ago +172

    I SO wanna see Austin try and explain Mushroom kingdom's finances XD Seeing him yell about the size and purity of a single gold coin and how its possible to get MILLIONS of them. Or maybe See Matpat try and explain how that much gold can pay you for a literal extra live in real world XD

  • Sulli


     2 years ago +4

    Mark mentioned you in his latest Mario Kart video. o;

  • Mike Kazz

    Mike Kazz

     2 years ago +6

    Mario's hat brought to you by Rare LTD

  • Sterky


     2 years ago +14

    What Mario game is seen at 1:57 , I remember always playing it at a friends place but have completely forgotten its name. Cheers

  • Nathan Case

    Nathan Case

     1 months ago +1

    I guess they were going for specific place currency. Like the US dollar, the UK pound, the Japanese Yen and things like that.