Is CGI Getting Worse?

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 23, 2018
  • In recent years I've noticed a dip in quality in CGI, resulting in many digital creations that feel very unreal. In this video, I explore why that may be. Please comment below if you know more about CGI and can answer the questions posed in this video.

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  • Miike_Snow


     a years ago +13521

    I work for a company in Belgium specialized in CGI / render . And All a can say about thoses bad cgi scene is the light is ruining the 3d model. The light is the key in 3D rendering !

    Just take a look at this kind of 3D render (yes all is in 3D),
    the light is making all the realism in that scene, not the models or the materials. Light and color grading at the best :) !

  • DarKKnightt07


     an hour ago

    Its not getting worse, CGI is being overused in today's movies. I wish they filmed movies like they did back in the 90's with little to no CGI effects and more practical effects and the use animatronics.

  • Andulvar


     2 hours ago

    Lighting will change CGI a lot. Just like adding a ReShade to a video game changes how it looks even before you start to add new textures.

  • Nikko


     3 hours ago

    bloom effects are cancer.

  • Jadon Garcia

    Jadon Garcia

     5 hours ago

    Clu's face in Tron: Legacy

    Justice League reshoots of superman's upper lip

    Few scenes from Endgame when Hulk was on the battlefield talking about getting the stones back, few effects of the lightning when cap used mjolnir to fuck up some of those aliens

    Transformers dark of the moon's scene in which Sam tries to blow up starscream's head

    Iron man's suit up scene in endgame right before bruce puts on the gauntlet

    Good CGI would be:

    Alita's face, iron city, grewishka and other characters that are hardbodies

    Tron legacy the cycles, suits, world

    Blade runner 2049's atmosphere and holograms

    Iron man's suit in most of his appearances

    Thanos in endgame and IW

  • Sparky Barth

    Sparky Barth

     6 hours ago

    "What looks better? This or this? What looks more lifelike? This or this?" All look the same to me.

    Forgive me, I'm a peasant.

  • Jose Martinez

    Jose Martinez

     7 hours ago

    The Bayverse Transformers movies look realistic while the Bumblebee movie looks like a video game.

  • Anthony Gordon

    Anthony Gordon

     8 hours ago

    You're so right bro, I thought it was me alone. Great Video👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  • A Coul

    A Coul

     10 hours ago

    It was easier to make cgi and blend it in lower quality stuff with darker scenes and such. But nowadays everything is 4k and up so the CGI tech will have to be super expensive to make it look realistic and even then it'll be hard because the graphics fidelity is up way too many notches above movies from the early 2000s and we just see more because everything is just fleshed out so anything fake will stand out. Basically think of it like inserting a 2002 game character in all it's fidelity into a 2019 game. Without some serious editing it'll look out of place easily.

  • Konstantinos Manolakos

    Konstantinos Manolakos

     12 hours ago

    Disclaimer: I'm not an expert on this, just sharing my thoughts.
    You might say that we're used to all the amazing effects now and it's things or creatures we've seen before but that's not the case here. In the original movies the sounds of the trex were not generated by a computer. They were actual recordings of different animals mixed together. It's all the beasts you've been programmed to fear over the course of our species' history mixed together. Also, the Trex feels more real because... well, it is. It's not made in a computer and the attention to detail is extraordinary. In the car scene, the trex pupil reacts to the light. That gives you the feeling that's it's a real oversized carno and you're his dinner.

  • Jigsaw_TheKiller


     12 hours ago

    I always thought this, but wasn't sure if it was just me.



     13 hours ago

    This is because there are less story driven movies

    And more ironical action movies

  • LordOf TheFlies

    LordOf TheFlies

     16 hours ago

    I love the intro to this man like it's amazing the iron man suit in the first iron man is 100% cgi and it looks a hundred 100% real guess what dude the first iron man movie used practical effects for the iron man suit but they stopped doing that in the second one because it was cause problems for RDJ so yeah it would make sense for the real suit to look real I don't wanna be an asshole but dude check your facts that wasn't the only wrong thing in the video but it was my favorite wrong thing because if you watch the iron man bonus features you can see the suit they made

  • LordOf TheFlies

    LordOf TheFlies

     17 hours ago

    The cgi in the first iron Man was so good because they actually made the iron Man suit it wasn't like the new ones where he has a real mask and fake suit the suit from iron Man one was actually real with cgi added here and there

  • jpb10


     22 hours ago

    CGI used to be made (Jurassic Park and earlier) by a few specialists often detaining PhD in their fields

  • FullFledged2010


     23 hours ago

    The CGI artist are getting worse, the CGI itself is getting better every day!

  • AlltheRage



    You're my new favourite YouTuber

  • Anthony Pace

    Anthony Pace


    Reason 1. With regard to motion, Animators don't have the same training as animators did 20 years ago, and, as a result, action has become too rubbery. Most animation programs are now within a University system, instead of a college system that promoted development of skill instead of just the theory (Here's me looking at Sheridan College)

    Reason 2. The lighting isn't as good, as there isn't as much of an understanding/adherence to the physics of the lighting of materials/skin as particle systems with density, and the lighting of environments.

    Reason 3. The algorithms are either tweaked with different variables, or the algorithms are completely different to reduce processing/rendering time

    Reason 4. There is a preference of style of realism as leaning on "style" equates to less cycles.

    Reason 5. There are a ton of shortcuts taken to save on cost of production that they wouldn't/couldn't have taken 20 years ago

    Reason 6. Aside from a few companies that have the means to invest in R&D and proprietary/new tools, everyone seems to be using Maya + Houdini + prepackaged tools

  • Shadow Banned

    Shadow Banned


    I was pretty impressed with the CGI in Gemini Man its getting close to not needing an actor anymore

  • Queazy



    Black Panther was as mediocre as Captain Marvel