Are China and the US doomed to conflict? | Kevin Rudd

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 1, 2015
  • The former prime minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd is also a longtime student of China, with a unique vantage point to watch its power rise in the past few decades. He asks whether the growing ambition of China will inevitably lead to conflict with other major powers — and suggests another narrative.

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  • 俊皎颜


     7 hours ago


  • Yining Yang

    Yining Yang

     16 hours ago

    I am Chinese, what he was saying at around 12:00 is exactly what I think. Respect

  • 张童鞋


     22 hours ago

    The saddest thing in the world is that when you know the truth, but you don't know the media.
    And, unfortunately, the Chinese are introverted. If the Chinese had not been forced into a corner, they would not have stood up.

    USA is the vote-freely country and that's it firing and fired everywhere in the World, especially after the 2nd World War, although USA did and doing some very good things to human.
    So, the question is the vote-freely, aha?
    The vote-freely was advertised as a universal value.
    Does someone know the difference of the history and tradition among the
    Eastern, Western and Middle-East?
    Maybe he will still ignore the difference of the history and tradition among them, and really indeed want to force the vote-freely to the whole world.
    What I want to say to the above someone is, you should try to know something of the Democratic centralism in China, and learn to try to respect the path chosen by others or other countries, then come to China and see whether people lack of so-called human-rights, Could you do that?

    To someone else who said or want to say: close the camps in Xinjiang or anything of Hongkong.
    Welcome to beautiful Xinjiang/Hongkong and say something after seeing the truth.
    Someone tells the camps in Xinjiang or anything of Hongkong, and Chinese tell another thing.
    Some people from many different countries went to Xinjiang/Hongkong in 2019 and said their seeing.
    But, he, the someone else, never come to Xinjiang but prefer to believe the so-called camps.
    That's his problem, isn't it?
    He choose the western media not the local media in China.
    I have a dream: let some western fake news media stop their hypocrisy and give some real kindness to all the countries, people and races in the world.
    One World, One Dream.

  • Barney Patrick

    Barney Patrick

     22 hours ago

    This fuckwit would have no clue! he's a cheap and nasty poly who got kicked out by his own part cuz he was fuckwit!

  • s xh

    s xh


    Any country if rises to No.2 in the world, USA will find a way to beat , from Uk,Germany, EU,JP, now is China! If I can’t beat u, I’ll create a ban on u and threaten other countries with bans on doing business with u, ridiculous!

  • s xh

    s xh


    The US is now in a trade war with the all world, but China is stronger in these countries.

  • Rakshith J P

    Rakshith J P

     2 days ago

    What about India? Who has accepted democracy and your language?

  • 五好大叔


     2 days ago +1

    if one man named 克文,i will guess he is a strong kind and wise man.🤔🤔🤔

  • Patson Damascus

    Patson Damascus

     2 days ago

    4 yrs ago commenting today 6 dec 19 wanna just say china is greater than meiguo (USA) china is the greatest in the world

  • fourloko AV

    fourloko AV

     3 days ago


  • David S

    David S

     4 days ago

    I'm actually surprised old KRuddy hasn't been charged with treason, considering the degree to which he is "in bed" with the CPC!! He quite literally, has the best interests of China at heart, and with both his personal and political ties, one has to wonder why he'd ever be allowed to be involved in Australian politics.

    Either, he's so naive, that he's simply being used as a pawn by the CPC, or he's aware and is simply playing along with the narrative for his own personal and familial gains. Either way, he's not fit to "lead" Australia as a nation. It's unfortunate that he's been given space on both the "world stage" and TedX, when he's clearly got an agenda and doesn't really speak anything new.

    It's time that we, as Australians, start to vote our leaders based on policies, not just merely on their "personal character" or how "charming" they are. The same goes for parties, they should be judged on the content of their character, not the red, blue, or green, colour of their skin!

    And as others have said, this isn't about the people. I have, for decades, had many friends from many different cultural backgrounds and ethnicity. The Chinese people, as Indians, as Japanese and various other countries and ethnic groups, are beautiful people. It's the governments, the political aspirations and the agenda's that become far less desirable.

    Let's hope we can one day stand up as a people at an election, and bring to power an entirely new form of government that actually represents the people, not just the special interests of corporations (Qantas) or powerful people running them (Joyce, Murdoch etc!). It would be a nice thing to have a democratic government, where majorities rule, where we don't constantly pander the the "5%" as we did with our recent "marriage" debacle. When marriage affects 240 000 people, but we design it according to the whims of 12 000 people, there's something very broken and "un democratic". And that's just one example of where Australia, in particular, is no longer a meritocracy, like my brain, but rather it's become far more of a "dictatorship" by "special interest groups", be they the CPC, the ABC, Labour, The Greens or the Murdoch Presses which all constantly push their agenda's down the throats of ordinary Aussies!

    Let's hope that TedX has someone speak about these things soon!

  • 陈正岩


     4 days ago

    It’s amazing that this speaker use some Chinese characters to show his mind as the key word of his speech.Due to his experience that he show in the speech ,his background is likely to discuss this big issue about the future of America and China.Nevertheless, from a Chinese’s perspective, I think he just simplify that issue and take a over-positive attitude on the relationship of America and China,especially when he mentioned that the apology of while people to the native people in Australia .War is the last thing we want to meet ,but the compromise between America and China is always the key issue of solving the big problem in the present.

  • Andrew McCabe

    Andrew McCabe

     5 days ago +2

    Rudd has chineese in his blood and his bank balance. Not to be trusted.

  • 网相声


     5 days ago +1


  • S RG

    S RG

     5 days ago

    He's so feminine

  • 李成宇


     5 days ago

    作为一个中国人,我还是要说演讲者的说法还是有些偏颇的。孙子是我们国家的军事家,他所说的“appear before you realizing”实际上是战术。而对于在凡尔赛合约上的不公正待遇,我们普遍认为是因为自身的弱小。另外,ke wen作为中国名字,没有任何意义,老师取这样的名字只是因为他像中国名字。



     5 days ago +1

    The military conflict between these two countries will be inevitable ...

  • Yuen Leung

    Yuen Leung

     6 days ago +3

    Rudd is the most shameless person as he sold Australia to China.

  • Bugatti Boss

    Bugatti Boss

     6 days ago +6

    History shows China has never had an Imperial past for 5000 years. America in its 243 years of existence has had 200+ conflicts of war, regime change, or invasion! Whose the Good Guy Again???

  • Optimal Balance

    Optimal Balance

     6 days ago

    Extremely good speech Kevin. You are highly respected by me.