Living with Ari

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 22, 2017
  • what a little punk rascal

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    Kinda Awkward by ionics
    the mii theme song by nintendo

    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D ari will send you a happiness scream
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  • Anya J

    Anya J

     40 minutes ago

    Jaiden has been replaced by Ari

  • ssjmommysmith


     48 minutes ago


    like f she should do more vids with her

  • Master of Fortnite

    Master of Fortnite

     2 hours ago

    9:11 It Sounded Like Ari Said Yes

  • Sandy Rainclover

    Sandy Rainclover

     2 hours ago

    what type of bird is he?

  • Hadi Hamzah

    Hadi Hamzah

     4 hours ago

    How long did it take for ari to get used to you and sat and on your hand? Also did you clip his wings?

  • Mukaprom YT

    Mukaprom YT

     5 hours ago

    I wanna be gay cuz u trucked

  • Kerry Cottrell

    Kerry Cottrell

     5 hours ago

    To be honest I like jaden better than ari

  • Mobile Gaming

    Mobile Gaming

     5 hours ago

    What bird is ari?

  • Vudi vudi

    Vudi vudi

     6 hours ago

    Аааааа я ничего не понимаю но анимация такая плавная:)

  • Confused Devil :'D

    Confused Devil :'D

     6 hours ago

    Jaiden: Casually tapping the controller

    Ari: Pecking the controller till it's broken-

  • Jolt Gaming

    Jolt Gaming

     7 hours ago

    Ari the swellow from nuzlocke lol

  • SafeWizard /_ /

    SafeWizard /_ /

     7 hours ago

    Can ari use the computer

  • mason bugay

    mason bugay

     7 hours ago

    Magine just ari is sitting on your neckThen ari poops down your back

  • Christina Mullenax

    Christina Mullenax

     7 hours ago

    Can ari fly ive never seen him do it

  • Brooks f Cordts

    Brooks f Cordts

     8 hours ago


  • Enid Abrahami

    Enid Abrahami

     9 hours ago

    If ari could talk what would he sound like ari” I want to be a Bird 🦅 yep that’s a bird I want to be this kind of bird 🦜

  • Enid Abrahami

    Enid Abrahami

     9 hours ago

    Ari as per pretended by his owners as a child seems weird like from🦜 to👶🏼 that’s weird.

  • Enid Abrahami

    Enid Abrahami

     9 hours ago

    Why daka have a crush on Ari?

  • Tony Frost

    Tony Frost

     9 hours ago

    Oh you also sayd dogs....... Cool

  • Tony Frost

    Tony Frost

     9 hours ago

    I'am going to get a dog but now i want a bird cause your video