How To Make Homemade Japanese Food

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 20, 2018
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  • Rie McClenny

    Rie McClenny

     9 months ago +13729

    Hope you enjoyed the video ☺️
    Subscribe to my new channel for more videos coming soon!

  • tdreamer25


     5 months ago +7427

    This looks healthier than my whole entire life

  • Axe


     2 months ago +2094

    Me: Hates bean sprouts
    Rie: cooks with bean sprouts
    Me: I actually really like bean sprouts

  • T.N.I Ball

    T.N.I Ball

     2 months ago +2268

    She protecc
    She attacc
    But most importantly
    She made snacc

  • Potato Yoshee

    Potato Yoshee

     2 months ago +843

    In Philippines

  • Fool Edits

    Fool Edits

     2 months ago +922

    Chef Rie: Cuts tofu in her hands
    Me: Starts to feel uncomfortable

  • Not My Austria

    Not My Austria

     2 months ago +3002

    Damn not to sound like a weeb or anything, but Japanese food seems the best
    The portion is controlled, easy to eat, and seems healthy. It's also delicious.

  • Math Boss

    Math Boss

     14 days ago +176

    Other cultures have such interesting foods and then you look at the US and it's just

  • SaintBear


     1 months ago +381

    0:10 Tamagoyaki
    1:00 Grilled Fish
    1:28 Miso Soup
    2:45 Kyaraben
    3:32 Onigiri
    4:02 Okonomiyaki
    5:10 Jiggly Japanese Cheesecake

  • BurntCrackers


     2 months ago +513

    “You have to Know your rice cooker”
    Next episode: Chef tries to cook with ONLY a Rice cooker

  • Random potato

    Random potato

     2 months ago +608

    JunsKitchen and Rie should do a collab. Their both such talented and skilled cooks.

  • gabe the borking fluffy cloud

    gabe the borking fluffy cloud

     2 months ago +279

    Rie:I do not want young audience to watch this and hurt them selves
    Me: clicks off video

  • Random Person

    Random Person

     1 months ago +171

    Rie: What's your favourite Japanese dish?
    Random voice: OOHHH YESSS

  • Temsulong Lemdur

    Temsulong Lemdur

     1 months ago +90

    I always come back to this. I might never cook this but the video is so calming, I don't know why. Must be rie's cute voice and the wholesome cooking

  • Devon Bailey

    Devon Bailey

     21 days ago +38

    O c t o p u s s h a p e d w e i n e r

  • Mei Abdullah

    Mei Abdullah

     a years ago +1309

    lowkey starting a fandom for Rie

  • moon spirit

    moon spirit

     3 days ago +4

    She looks like the white haired girl from the incredibles
    but all jokes aside she is a really good chef and i enjoyed watching this video

  • Avaxar


     1 months ago +71

    Rie: "Once you get to know your rice cooker, it's your friend"
    Imperial Japan: "Once you get to know the enemy of your ally, it's your friend"

  • XxxTira xxX

    XxxTira xxX

     2 months ago +75

    My fav dish in japan is
    -Taiyaki(red bean filling)
    -Fluffy Pancake(idk if this japan or not :p)
    Edit: i think im alone says my fav dish ;-;

  • Gioc Last

    Gioc Last

     4 days ago +4

    Rie: "I grew up in Hiroshima"
    Amarican: breathing intensifies