How Cops Are Using Algorithms to Predict Crimes | WIRED

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 22, 2018
  • The LAPD is one of a growing number of police departments using algorithms to try to predict crimes before they happen. Proponents of these tools say they provide cops with added tools to keep their cities safe -- but critics argue it's just another form of profiling.

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    How Cops Are Using Algorithms to Predict Crimes | WIRED
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  • Aidan M

    Aidan M

     24 days ago

    Real life ctOS

  • John Xu

    John Xu

     1 months ago

    Well maybe because theres more crime in low income areas

  • Ye Hang Yeo

    Ye Hang Yeo

     2 months ago

    This is Civil War 2.

  • dsmyify


     2 months ago

    Imagine if the trouble makers in an area moved out; or had to focus on other areas because of the increased police presence of the algorithm. The criminals have left but the police will still continue to monitor a now low crime rate area because of it's high crime history. The past is no predictor of the future. Also not being able to measure whether something didn't happen because of something that you did makes this system proper snake-oil to it's developers. "Not a bear in sight. Bear patrol must be working" - Homer Simpson

  • C A

    C A

     3 months ago

    The Problem is that statistics shows that black young men commit more crime. Its a shame as they have potential and are worth just as much as any other person, I think its the breakdown of the family unit and lack of positive male role models, again its a shame needs to change, I like Steve Harvey's mentoring program approach. The computer is not a racist, whats happening is the computer is not Politically correct and its just running the numbers and data, now it should be given fair data, or I don't know its weird, maybe just use it to keep police presence and not harass citizens. Black community needs to self police some to unskew the numbers over time. Sucks but true. Also if the city has high black population who else are they going to look at? is the demographic of the area in general.

  • James Yeager

    James Yeager

     3 months ago

    *S T A S I*

  • The Archuduke

    The Archuduke

     3 months ago


  • Jacob Barlow

    Jacob Barlow

     3 months ago

    Who cares if police think you'll commit a crime? Just don't do it

  • Bryden Knows His Gun

    Bryden Knows His Gun

     3 months ago


  • Tundra Lift

    Tundra Lift

     4 months ago +1

    Racial profiling is okay considering blacks and browns cause more crime. Common sense people

  • James R

    James R

     5 months ago

    That is way too complicated for any cop!

  • Graphics


     5 months ago +1

    10:58 Yeah cause even thought they are a quarter of the population they commit much more crime then any other group.

  • labobo


     5 months ago

    Now imagine if the criminals had the same software as the police. Would make it useless.

  • Trevor Miranda

    Trevor Miranda

     5 months ago

    PREDPOL seems to be the preferable strategy. No individual targeting, but social engineering that deters crime simply by increasing the police presence in an area where a crime is likely to occur. Reducing violence and incarcerations is a noble goal, in my opinion.

  • Derp Fox

    Derp Fox

     5 months ago

    Minority Report pls

  • Cole


     5 months ago

    If you’re doing nothing wrong then you have nothing to worry about. Technology is just exposing who people are which is what they world needs. Less corruption and real news are the positives. Just put the measures in place to make sure it doesn’t get in the “wrong” hands who will sell information or go to your house and rob you or something

  • Jonatan Willian

    Jonatan Willian

     5 months ago

    When the majority of criminals seize to be black/brown, then you can tell me it's a prejudice to do so. And i am brown.

  • Neophlegm


     5 months ago

    Interesting video; I appreciate your balance and nuance in the discussions.

  • Kyle Davis

    Kyle Davis

     5 months ago +1

    This lady is showing she is not that sharp. Not gonna let your kid play because you think the cops are gonna shoot him? WOW>

  • Daniel A. Thyringer

    Daniel A. Thyringer

     6 months ago

    Threat, BB gun, backpack, it must have been a strict order to fire. That’s just horrible to do if it is anything different. An innocent person will be potentially shot, as soon as an officer fails police protocol. Taking them into custody whenever possible is the only step to take. Just because of that: People they shoot will be found non guilty or guilty when they are dead. Shooting an innocent person is the result of letting go of protocol if the person shot is found not guilty . The officer is guilty as soon as he shoots a person that’s a non immediate threat, because the best he does is taking a 50/50 chance shooting an innocent person or a guilty person. If they are guilty or not guilty, they will be found so in custody as well as when they are shot. But you can’t revive an innocent person shot. Immobilize, cuff, call the bomb squad... by no means that officer could have handled a threat in the backpack in the correct manner. Just stop to complain.