6 Pool Gadgets put to the Test!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 26, 2018
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  • KingNir91


     a years ago +1091

    This dude is living in 2067 going in the pool with all cloths while it's raining outside

  • vishal singh

    vishal singh

     a years ago +515

    I love taras for his innocence

  • VyperX


     a years ago +154

    Respect for him playing x and lil peep music

  • The Judge

    The Judge

     a years ago +297

    Why didn't you get in the cooler? It's like a little boat!

  • soundset


     a years ago +1689

    when he said : I Just need friends ........ it reminds me 😂😂😂

  • MFF_massu


     a years ago +106

    Hey crazyrussianhacker, remember that all your subscribers are your friends 😅✌️

  • All Encompassing Evil

    All Encompassing Evil

     a years ago +38

    Playing that music and saying you have no friends almost makes it appear that you are in a deep depression hidden beneath a smile.

  • Acidicslayer Acid

    Acidicslayer Acid

     a years ago +18

    I really want to see over the side of his pool

  • Lyzah Garzetty

    Lyzah Garzetty

     a years ago +92

    Mr Krazy Russian Hacker you have lots of friends look at all your subscribers.

  • Cheez Lovers

    Cheez Lovers

     a years ago +294

    Pastiet almost drowned

  • Rami Fawakhiri

    Rami Fawakhiri

     a years ago +38

    We are all your friends ❤️

  • Djboss100


     a years ago +136

    Bro. When he played Jocelyn Flores😭😭😭😭

  • dulce maria

    dulce maria

     11 months ago +54

    8:31 taras accidentally exposed his emo playlist

  • myles mair

    myles mair

     a years ago +1401

    “I just need friends” We’ll Taras, im sorry to say but it looks like you living near the hill top in the forest

  • Dennis Chen

    Dennis Chen

     a years ago +24

    In soviet Russia , clothes wear you

  • Cheez Lovers

    Cheez Lovers

     a years ago +116


  • Eliya


     a years ago +127

    Your pool looks so fun!

  • Juswaaa Zamora

    Juswaaa Zamora

     a years ago +29

    Taras is lonely :(

  • CharlesHankBukowski


     a years ago +1949

    What a lovely day for a swim. Lol

  • c.han. b_

    c.han. b_

     a years ago +5

    You are in the pool, on a rainy day with sunglasses. PERFECT😂❤️❤️