It Chapter 2: Pennywise’s Origin Explained

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 14, 2019
  • It: Chapter 2 gave us some interesting clues about Pennywise's origins! Subscribe to our channel:

    With the recent arrival of It Chapter 2 in theatres, fans everywhere seem to have even more questions about the origins of the notorious Pennywise The Dancing Clown! While some of us prefer to think of monstrous clown creatures as little as possible, others have delved deep in order to uncover the fascinating backstory of one of our most frightening villains. If you belong to that second camp, we’ve done some serious digging and have come up with some answers about the origin of Pennywise that might just have you running to the movies, or in the opposite direction.
    For starters, It has actually been hanging around Earth causing mayhem for upwards of thousands of years, even millions! We know that It came to Earth from another universe and landed in what would later become the town of Derry, Maine. There, he first encountered the First Nations Shokopiwa peoples, and it is believed that it is with them that his habit of eating children for a year and then chillaxing for twenty seven began to form. We know that they tried to defeat him but failed, and then moved to the outskirts of Derry to get away from his evil behaviour. But why does It seem to have to stick to Derry if he is so powerful? Well some believe that he and the town are actually tied together on a much deeper level, that It’s wellbeing is dependant on that of the town. Check out these amazing theories and more incredible backstory of Pennywise in the video below, and we hope you have fun watching!

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  • wioleta bryndza

    wioleta bryndza

     38 minutes ago

    Oh hell nooo

  • Feeza Fayez

    Feeza Fayez

     3 hours ago

    After reading "Storm drains" story in wattpad, I'm in love with pennywise

  • Dramati Doom

    Dramati Doom

     22 hours ago

    he is from the macroverse

  • Redcharget



    Pennywise is a mentally ill clown who smacks his head against a wall of glass

  • Lala



    Ok, I'll make sure not to go to Port Hope, Ontario and get eaten by a clown.

  • diego vazquez

    diego vazquez


    I was yelling get the holy water y’all

  • Stephen Lennon

    Stephen Lennon


    Derry is a real town search it on Google maps I did

  • Landon Todd

    Landon Todd

     2 days ago

    It comes from the Macroverse, and is older than time Itself

  • xXDeathKentonXx Productions

    xXDeathKentonXx Productions

     2 days ago

    Pennywise is like Jeepers Creepers. A demon that feeds on fear every twenty-something years.

  • Xandark MATT-EN001

    Xandark MATT-EN001

     2 days ago

    Pennywise is from the same place as Mary Poppins

  • ozair khaliq

    ozair khaliq

     2 days ago

    The turtle should have defeated pennywise

  • Veronica Greene

    Veronica Greene

     2 days ago

    Did u watch Wrinkle In Time? 🤔🤔

  • Floyd1504


     2 days ago

    You can't even pronounce "wary" properly. 🤦‍♂️

  • Pennywise The Dancing Clown

    Pennywise The Dancing Clown

     2 days ago

    You mortals will never know where I originally came from.

  • Quinnmasonridings Mason-Ridings

    Quinnmasonridings Mason-Ridings

     3 days ago

    HEY UHHH PENY WISE HOWS IT DOING IIM CALED QUINN UHHH WAIT thene help walk away thene IL runn. I would do that

  • Quinnmasonridings Mason-Ridings

    Quinnmasonridings Mason-Ridings

     3 days ago +1

    NO NO NO NO NO NO I'm not woching this bye everyone

  • Adenisa Buzi

    Adenisa Buzi

     3 days ago

    Power Rangers left the world

  • Nancy Butler

    Nancy Butler

     3 days ago

    Pennywise comes from the macroverse

  • tru instalocm

    tru instalocm

     3 days ago

    Pogo the Clown is the origin of Pennywise as the original movie in 1980's and he has a tortured childhood
    Sorry for my bad english
    Cuz I'm From the Philippines

  • Κώστας Κατσαρός

    Κώστας Κατσαρός

     3 days ago

    Poor clownes...😛