Why It's Almost Impossible to Juggle 15 Balls | WIRED

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 17, 2018
  • The world's best numbers juggler can throw and catch 14 balls. Once. Has he reached juggling's limit? WIRED's Robbie Gonzalez looks into the physics and physicality of extreme juggling.

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    Why It's Almost Impossible to Juggle 15 Balls | WIRED
  • Source: https://youtu.be/7RDfNn7crqE


  • Max Grantz

    Max Grantz


    brittish jake paul

  • Bill Buttlicker

    Bill Buttlicker

     2 days ago

    Lol, it's definitely possible. I know for a fact, Deangelo Vickers can do it. Too bad he's in a vegetative state, but he could before the accident.

  • jeylful


     6 days ago

    That was different... I enjoyed it

  • korwl


     6 days ago

    how is hand speed while empty relevant to flashing balls? like it's relevant to actually juggling them, but in order to flash you need to be holding all of the balls you are going to juggle in your hands. the weight isn't that much in the scope of things, but given that all the weight is at the very end of your extremities and you need to be moving your hands very quickly in order to start it, i don't see how unladen hand speed is an indicator of anything in flashing.

  • Maxi Wu

    Maxi Wu

     7 days ago

    I can't even juggle 2 balls...

  • dangerous nooodles

    dangerous nooodles

     7 days ago

    Aron sounds like Eddy redmae

  • Jsid Is Gucci

    Jsid Is Gucci

     8 days ago

    This dude looks like drake

  • kckcmctcrc


     8 days ago

    squash only please

  • Eric Cooper

    Eric Cooper

     8 days ago

    oh Zach juggles balls alright, no doubt about that.

  • 5153flash


     10 days ago

    I been juggling for 15 years,,3,4, 5 is easy but I cant get 7 not matter what I do. 3 and 4 with allot of tricks!!behind back almost every throw!!
     I remember when I first started,I was cutting a watermelon with a filet knife,it had nothing to do with juggling at the time, But after I cut the watermelon in half. I decided to throw them both up into air ,,change hands and catch them both. That is,,the razor sharp knife and the 1 half watermelon. I caught the watermelon and looked at other hand as the knife stuck me in center of palm and stood straight in air. Nearly piercing all way thru my hand.
    It was a 7" razor sharp filet knife,,,and it was so sharp and clean it did no damage. I sat watermelon down and pulled the knife out of my hand. no problem!!1

  • kx s

    kx s

     11 days ago

    Alex Barron? I think you mean

  • Handsome B. Wonderful

    Handsome B. Wonderful

     12 days ago

    I'm too immature to watch a 15 minute video about ball juggling without laughing

  • sandeep vishwakarma

    sandeep vishwakarma

     12 days ago

    Cool man



     14 days ago

    dam he likes flashing balls

  • Mary


     14 days ago

    *you play with them balls like it’s FIFA

  • Kvng._ Nep

    Kvng._ Nep

     15 days ago +1

    You haven't met my ex

  • marko pušić

    marko pušić

     15 days ago

    i cant even juggle 2 balls

  • jonathan gaidemak

    jonathan gaidemak

     15 days ago

    I can't even juggle three balls

  • CB P

    CB P

     16 days ago


  • Salmon John

    Salmon John

     17 days ago

    I can't even do three