Game Theory: Petscop - The GHOST Inside a HAUNTED Game

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 17, 2018
  • The Hidden HORRORS Behind Petscop ►
    Petscop- The Scariest Game You'll NEVER Play! ►►
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    What would you do if you were trapped in a game? Not like Jumanji - where you can escape or people can help you. But trapped in a game with no exit. Re-living your worst actions over and over and over. Today Theorists, were are getting to the heart of what Petscop really is - not a game but a PRISON.

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  • avipeach


     a years ago +16618


  • A M

    A M


    Is marvin purple guy?

  • DickHerDownDonny


     2 days ago

    That editing more scary than the game itself

  • DickHerDownDonny


     2 days ago

    Thanks for doing what pyro is too scared to do

  • Fan Of M&M

    Fan Of M&M

     3 days ago

    Why no one pointed out that he got a mustache

  • Mr. X the lone knight

    Mr. X the lone knight

     3 days ago

    Her lips are chap

  • p i n k s a r a v i

    p i n k s a r a v i

     4 days ago

    Its been a year. this is my first time getting this far into this series.

  • Catty Gal

    Catty Gal

     4 days ago

    B o o m e r

  • Davi Gaming

    Davi Gaming

     5 days ago

    The is creepy my sisters birthday is June 5 2000.

  • piinkchaii


     6 days ago

    oh my god i just realized, in the thumbnail, did they edit shigaraki's lips on top of their model oh my gOd



     6 days ago

    Holy crap the title picture

  • emily the zeldafan

    emily the zeldafan

     7 days ago

    sees "play with me" in the thumbnail am I the only one thinking of sally? (the creepypasta sally Williams)

  • diesel boi

    diesel boi

     7 days ago

    huh? you're scared? that's ok, I am too :)
    here, have some spaghetti, it'll make you feel better, I promise --> 🍝
    be sure to get some sleep and have a glass of water. Maybe cuddle your floofy boi if you have one. If not, a plushie is always an option!
    Just remember, you are safe! I love you! <3

  • big dummy

    big dummy

     7 days ago

    petscop the sequel "petcops"

  • Sylvie-Chan


     7 days ago

    New theory, Marvin is an Ogre.

  • Vanjie Maceda

    Vanjie Maceda

     7 days ago

    I wonder how good of a detective matpat would be

  • VANILSON Siqueira Teixeira

    VANILSON Siqueira Teixeira

     7 days ago


  • G4BE1245


     7 days ago

    That art of Reiner is scarier than the whole series

  • Omar Mauna

    Omar Mauna

     7 days ago +1

    I noticed something...

    Rainier- The CREATOR of the game to expose Marvin
    Marvin- The guy that KILLS kids and hide them away
    Henry-the CREATOR that wants to stop William Afton from killing kids..
    William Afton- The guy that Kills Kids and hides them away...
    Bendy and the ink machine:
    Henry-Creator that wants to get away from his boss Joey..
    Joey- Obsessive creator that kills people/co workers...



     7 days ago

    One day I’m going to make a creepy series with a hidden story fractured across episodes and when game theory makes a video on it I’m gonna release a new episode that at the same time yeets the theory out the window and comfirms some parts of it