Crockett's Theme (Chillwave Cover)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 14, 2019
  • Listen to this track on Spotify: can also find it on iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer and other music services: to the '80s #crockettstheme #ost
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  • Michael Play

     4 months ago

    Shut up, sit down, relax!

  • Adr Sngp

     2 days ago

    Wait Sonny, you have my personal assurance that I am going to get your money back and the drugs and I am going to mail you the dicks of those responsible.

  • adam mcilmoyle

     14 days ago

    "You want some too?"

  • James G

     4 months ago

    It's impossible to make Crockett's Theme sound bad. Most beautiful piece of instrumental music ever created. ❤

  • Tremomatic

     4 months ago

    N O W T H A T ' S W H A T I C A L L A E S T H E T I C

  • Bruce Slajvic

     1 months ago

    @M RO fuaaarkkkkk

  • M RO

     4 months ago

    yes, but to be completely honest ... _THAT WAS MY MONEY TOMMY ! MY MONEY !!!_

  • seph

     4 months ago

    Im a simple guy, i see welcome to the 80s i click

  • Crockett’s Ferrari

     4 months ago

    Have you noticed how popular synthesizers are getting? It's not the same as a lonely man with a pony tail, singing of his love on a guitar, at the door of his hermes hacienda.But it is not far short, see what you think of Mr Jan Hammer.

  • William L.

     22 days ago

    i bought my first synthesizer nearly 50 years ago................

  • Vampire Hunter D

     1 months ago

    @nils holgerson jaha! ok då ä jag med på noterna

  • Konrad Qwerty

     4 months ago


  • adam mcilmoyle

     18 hours ago

    Gta VIce city

  • Romuald Sibakovskij

     15 days ago

    VC is based on Miami :) "Dumb, Florida, Moron" - Tommy Vercetti xD

  • Nikki Wright

     4 months ago

    Hey Tubbs, you ever consider a career in southern law enforcement?

  • Morgan Smith

     13 days ago

    OH YEAH YEAH well hello there


     13 days ago

    @Morgan Smith bruhhhh

  • Crazytrain2015

     4 months ago

    Play with a speed of 1.25 and the original song will be at the normal speed

  • Gamestycon

     3 months ago

    Konstantin Nagler Yeah, a lot of better graphics and a lot better physics.

  • Konstantin Nagler

     4 months ago

    Do a GTA Remake Concept. So I had an idea of a GTA which has two stories starting off with Vic Vance from Vice City Stories and after his death which we see in the beginning of Vice City we should be able to play through the story of Tommy Vercetti. There should be more 80s music, old cars 80s cars from other GTA games, new wanted system and better physics added. Still having the feeling which we had playing those two games.


     4 months ago

    The best game in the World GTA VICE CITY legends foreverrrrr ❤❤

  • Saif Shaikh

     22 days ago


  • Vorce

     25 days ago

    Gta 6vc!

  • G i e g u e

     1 months ago

    Is it abnormal to get nostalgia of a time you haven't been born in?

  • G i e g u e

     26 days ago

    @Old_Salt Thanks!

  • Old_Salt

     26 days ago

    Its called anemoia search it up!