Game Theory: Are You a Kid or Squid? - Splatoon SOLVED!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 25, 2017
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    Are you a Kid or are you a Squid? The question has plagued the gaming community since... well okay not that long ago, but it was SPLATOON’s main marketing slogan! And in truth, Inklings are fascinating: bipedal childlike creatures one moment, blooper-like ink swimming cephalopods the next. But is it possible to ever truly know if Inklings are more Squid-like or more Kid-like? YES. Yes it is. And today I will prove to you that Inklings are ABSOLUTELY more one than the other!

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  • Hazren Tengah

    Hazren Tengah

     3 hours ago

    So people love squids!?

  • Mr Eyeball

    Mr Eyeball

     7 hours ago

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  • tommy bomby

    tommy bomby

     12 hours ago

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  • Dina Rubina

    Dina Rubina

     18 hours ago +2

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    "I'm sorry we are are experiencing tentacle difficulties"
    Why am I thinking of a gametheory gay hentai now?

  • Kubusek 123

    Kubusek 123

     19 hours ago +1

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  • Isabella Ward

    Isabella Ward

     22 hours ago

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  • Kathryn Coughanour

    Kathryn Coughanour


    Why weren't you my biology teacher?




    This theory is confirmed in smash ultimate when pit is on the stage Palatinas palace and taunt Palatina will talk about the enemy if doing this on inkling she’ll say it’s an advanced race of octopus

  • Samantha Is Watching

    Samantha Is Watching

     2 days ago

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  • mydoghasnofriends


     2 days ago

    Are you a kid or a squid?


  • totia med

    totia med

     3 days ago

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    Welcome to gay

  • Micah Beckner

    Micah Beckner

     4 days ago

    Splatoon is a distant future sequel to octodad

  • beybladebv Channel

    beybladebv Channel

     4 days ago +2

    Guys in one of the sunken scrolls It shows the squids evolving to inklings so you are 100% squid

  • Applesauce 2.0

    Applesauce 2.0

     4 days ago +3

    Octopodes? sorry but i'm sticking to the usual Octopusses

  • Omda Arabi

    Omda Arabi

     4 days ago +3

    Matpat: squid or kid?
    Me: skid

  • Melissa Blanchard

    Melissa Blanchard

     5 days ago


  • xXchandelureXx


     5 days ago

    I wish we could turn back the good old days

    Guess the reference

  • Frisk


     5 days ago

    Well I always thought that there was a nuclear war that caused radiation to the ocean and people and the people got weaker and the other fish has died and they combined with the human corpses and were growing up but slowly so there kids right now but some day they will be adults