Got7 Talk Current World Tour, Meeting Fans, & Their Favorite Song to Sing in the Shower | Billboard



  • Bangtan kookie

    Bangtan kookie

     a years ago +6312

    “Kpop is not only just Got7 we’re all like a family with other groups and even with different companies” BamBam 2018

  • Jasmine Situ

    Jasmine Situ

     a years ago +1159

    Jackson: I don’t sing in the shower
    Bambam: he dances
    Jackson: how would you know?

  • changbin’s nananana

    changbin’s nananana

     a years ago +1545

    **cough**bambam for president**cough, cough**

  • Clyo VII

    Clyo VII

     a years ago +500

    Ok, a Chinese guy translating from Korean to English and vice-versa and an American who doesn't know how to say a certain Korean word in English. Got7 are really global XDD

  • MRS PS

    MRS PS

     a years ago +793

    Bambam: KPOP is not just GOT7 KPOP is a family
    This group is so humble

  • Planet Peach

    Planet Peach

     a years ago +1720

    Youngjae: Jackson, translate please
    Jackson: So exactly, uh, what he’s trying to say is, Mark Let’s go
    Mark: Attempts to translate but forgets words
    Jinyoung: Where are you from Mark?

  • Virginia Martinez

    Virginia Martinez

     a years ago +927

    “I just got a Jackson Hi touch! How much did I have to pay for that??”
    SAVAGE 💀

  • Catalina


     a years ago +602

    bts and got7 breaking records in the usa????? ummm friendship goals????

  • Demouna Cortez

    Demouna Cortez

     a years ago +248

    "I don't know what I'm sayin. You understand what I'm sayin? because I don't know what I'm saying." BamBam being my spirit animal😌

  • slick vick

    slick vick

     a years ago +566

    10:12 everyone needs to hear this

  • qdjh_ iskh

    qdjh_ iskh

     a years ago +2356

    Bambam end all the fanwars. I love how matured they are and not selfish.instead of promote themselves they promote the whole kpop industry. Imma soo proud

  • Jocelyn ‘

    Jocelyn ‘

     a years ago +157

    BAMBAM: “hopefully one day we can perform at the billboards “
    Igot7’s:(us) ” Give us a sec “😭

  • changbin’s nananana

    changbin’s nananana

     a years ago +546

    bambam’s signature

  • Kpop Munchkin

    Kpop Munchkin

     a years ago +174

    So, don't shoot me, I'm not a Got7 stan, I only really enjoy about 3 or 4 songs. But I love watching them in interviews and shows because they themselves are genuine, humble, beautiful people :) they're amazing people xx

  • Michelle Lim

    Michelle Lim

     a years ago +123

    This whole interview is just 20% amerithaikong temporarily forgetting how to English (“do you know 욕심???”), and trying to push around the duty of translating 😂😂😂 “where are you from mark” jinyoung being savage as usual lmao

  • SasuHinaROCZ


     a years ago +172

    Probably just a small thing, but I really really LOVE how the English speaking members translate for the non English speakers, they're always looking out for each other and making sure they say their part, not leaving them out at all. AND OMG YUGYEOM'S ENGLISH IS SO FRICKING GOOD?!? I AM SHOOK ❤️❤️❤️

  • Maren dela Rosa

    Maren dela Rosa

     a years ago +102

    i want to send love to jb cuz i know he must feel a bit down since he can't really speak english as good as the other members and he's the leader. i know he must feel a bit bad about it. we love you jb!!

  • Ai Quyen

    Ai Quyen

     a years ago +98

    can Jinyoung speak more in english because it blesses my ears

  • Mahima Jha

    Mahima Jha

     a years ago +271

    Wow!! 10:32 I love what Bambam said here😍👏👏👏👏💕💕& I also sincerely wish & hope for that day to come soon when Got7 will perform in Billboard.💚

  • mark tuan

    mark tuan

     a years ago +2027

    yg: mark showers so fast
    bb: he just turns on the water and walks past