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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 15, 2018
  • Marielle Franco was a symbol of hope to many marginalized communities who have felt left out of politics for decades – here’s what led Marielle Franco to a life of activism in Brazil.
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    Marielle Franco was a rising political star in Brazil: she was an activist, the only Black woman to serve on Rio de Janeiro’s current City Council, and a fierce critic of Brazilian government corruption.

    Marielle Franco grew up in Maré, a favela in northern Rio de Janerio, Brazil and known for her infectious smile, colorful headwraps, and strong advocacy for poor Black people. Marielle Franco was a symbol of hope to many marginalized communities in Brazil who have felt left out of politics for decades. And on March 14, 38-year-old Marielle Franco was tragically assassinated.

    Brazil’s president, Michel Temer, has used her death as a way of defending his decision to militarize Rio.

    But what led Marielle Franco to a life of activism in Brazil? Find out in NowThis World correspondent Versha Sharma’s report, The Life of Marielle Franco.

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  • Ralph one

    Ralph one

     14 days ago

    Beautiful woman my condolences to her family may her soul rest in peace gone but not forgotten

  • stardust


     28 days ago

    Brazilians, do you think bringing in the army to these neighbourhoods helps to fight the gangs?

  • FuzzoFoxxo


     7 months ago

    lol she had involment on drug trafficking, guys

  • Everaldo Gomes

    Everaldo Gomes

     8 months ago

    Defensores de traficantes!

  • Adan Aladdin

    Adan Aladdin

     8 months ago +3

    Bolsonaro KILLED HER!!!

  • CikaDanilo 123

    CikaDanilo 123

     8 months ago

    Could you di same vut with Ivan Ovanović?He was Serbian guy who was fighting for Serbs right in Kosovo.

  • V. Lee Walker

    V. Lee Walker

     8 months ago +5

    I'm glad they've made an Arrest! She deserves justice!

  • Alfredo Velasco

    Alfredo Velasco

     8 months ago +1

    Bolsonaro's Brazil

  • maria jesus montenegro

    maria jesus montenegro

     8 months ago

    I used to believe the image the media gave marielle franco but then some brazilians told the reason she was murdered was because she was linked to drug gangs :( careful what you believe....

  • lX Taliban Xl

    lX Taliban Xl

     9 months ago


  • TappatopShotta


     10 months ago +11

    They feared she would've became president and would've ousted the corruption in all of Brazilian, which is why they assassinated her.

  • George Kurasholla

    George Kurasholla

     a years ago

    The point is that such a Marielle was not just a 'fighter', she was engaged with bad guys! She was elected by the Red Command and failed to comply with 'commitments' with her supporters. She, more than anyone else 'away from the favela', knows how the debts are charged by the groups she transacted among, "he wrote.

  • Selma


     a years ago +2


  • John Wesley Hardin

    John Wesley Hardin

     a years ago +1

    Scum bag racist like Jo Cox

  • Germain Martel

    Germain Martel

     a years ago +5

    This happens to Colombian activists every week... I still don't get why the international press never reports on this.

  • Carlos Dias

    Carlos Dias

     a years ago +2

    Nobody knew this woman even in Rio de Janeiro, the leftist media tries to portrait her as a martyr which she wasn't. Only one more socialist lunatic...

  • David Brandão

    David Brandão

     a years ago +2

    No no no no. She was involved with 2 different criminal factions, she was in the same party which defends communist dictatorships like Venezuela and the party has connections with another party, PT, which is national-socialist and ruled Brazil for more than 10 years under a doubtful vote system of electronic urn. She was killed by the same criminals who
    financed her political campaign. She was getting richer and richer in less than a year.

  • skycloud41


     a years ago +3

    This is a tragedy

  • MJBR


     a years ago +1

    She involved in the DOPE game and killed by her associates!! One less

  • Joseph Ybarra

    Joseph Ybarra

     a years ago +2

    She was actually fighting against oppression. Blacks here in the states are not being oppressed.