How The Metroids DOOMED Us All! | The SCIENCE!...of Metroid: Samus Returns

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 21, 2017
  • SUBSCRIBE to Catch all the Theories! ► FNAF Kill You IRL?! ►► Sonic is LYING! | Sonic Mania ►► is one of Nintendo's best franchises, and the alien species created in its universe are some of the coolest beings ever! But if we're honest, so many of the major galactic problems in the games could've been avoided if The Chozo had just left Parasite X well alone. In this episode, Austin explains why and how The Chozo are responsible for virtually all of the problems Samus faces in the Metroid Universe. Game Theories:We SOLVED the ZELDA Timeline! ►► We Missed in FNAF! ►► Mario Maker BENDS REALITY! ► TRUTH Behind Fire Pokemon! ►► is WD GASTER? | Undertale ►► World's Most Dangerous Game! ► Minecraft BROKE YouTube! ►► The SCIENCE!The Power of DOOMFIST’s FIST! ►► is YOUR SOUL Worth? | Undertale ►► Are TORTURING Pokemon! ►► NOT ENTER! | The SCIENCE ►► Rhythms of DARK SOULS! ►► Mario Galaxy's DEADLY Physics ► out some more of our awesome video game content:Game Theory ►► Shock ►► SCIENCE! ►►
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  • Andrew Martin

    Andrew Martin

     a years ago +2091

    Plant -> Vegan -> Tiger -> Jackalope
    I think that's enough ecological science for today. Good work, lads and lasses.

  • William Shreckengost

    William Shreckengost

     11 months ago +173

    ...I'm forever referring to the Mongols as horse pirates from now on.

  • Lord Nightraven

    Lord Nightraven

     a years ago +130

    While all of this makes sense, you have to consider that the Chozo were attempting to quarantine/eradicate the X virus BECAUSE of its natural abilities.
    The inherent problem of "leaving the planet alone" is that you WILL have sentient beings from outside that ecosystem, either explorers or law breakers, that risk becoming exposed to the X virus and allowing it to escape an otherwise closed ecosystem into one of many others that WOULD NOT have the natural predators to the X virus. So if you really think about it, it was the Federation overreacting to the Metroid threat (they are too basic to form complex intelligence required for advancing themselves into a civilization) and allowing the X Virus to come back from the brink of extinction. However, the Space Pirates had also attempted to use Metroids as bioweapons, meaning the Federation had to do something about them...
    It's also entirely possible that the X Virus didn't actually have a natural predator on SR388. The X Virus literally incorporates itself into the genetic makeup of a creature, which is why it is feasible that it didn't have the natural predator on SR388 because it WAS the super predator. What makes it limited to SR388 though is the fact that it would consume other life BEFORE it could become sentient enough for space travel.
    It's basically a catch 22. Either allow the extremely lethal bioweapons to exist, or an all consuming zombie virus to exist.
    Personally, I'd rather deal with the bioweapons that have known weaknesses (low temperatures, fragile core) than the Virus that would be a super predator in virtually any ecosystem and a threat to all civilizations.

  • Brandon Ruggles

    Brandon Ruggles

     a years ago +66

    You seemed to omit the fact that the Chozo only trained Samus, infused her DNA, and built her weapons for the sole purpose of keeping the Metroid in-check should they ever become a threat (whether by their own nature or the through the involvement of Pirates / Galactic Federation). You make it sound like their resolve was both pointless and irresponsible, when in fact, it was neither. Fusion makes it very clear that the X was intelligent enough, even without a host, to eventually seek a sentient host. The Chozo were 100% correct in their solution and went above and beyond it by preparing Samus should she need to restore the natural balance of things, since they had the foresight and knew their species would soon die out.

  • xan carter

    xan carter

     a years ago +163

    I got curious, so I read the wiki... parasite X is freaking terrifying! Anyway, as far as I know, the planet was NOT in balance. Parasite X was recently evolved but was quickly overcoming the planet. They created the metroids because, if X ever left the planet, they could assimilate into sentient civilization and quickly over run the universe.Unlike the Chocolate, however, I've watched movies with zombies, xenomorphs, the Phage, the Borg, and Replicators. If you want to kill something, kill it with fire. No, not the host, the planet.

  • SinerAthin


     a years ago +30

    If you come across a planet with a highly dangerous & contagious lifeform, when you are living in a space faring age, the best possible course of action is just to sterilize it outright.
    Because seriously...
    ... if you decide not to interfere, you can be sure that some schmuck is gonna do it instead. In an age where people and factions can traverse the stars, nothing on any planet is ever going to stay put; once discovered, it's sooner or later going to be wiped out or introduced to other planets.

  • William Cortelyou

    William Cortelyou

     5 months ago +10

    Wait, the guy in green ISNT Zelda?!

  • PC-0X


     a years ago +31

    But imagine if the space pirates found the X parasite, or heaven forbid anything sentient, an X-parasite allowed to escape that planet for any reason finds itself in an environment with NO natural predator and an abundance of new food sources, even the ability to learn and evolve higher forms of sentience while feeding on literally ANYTHING.

  • Ashton Snapp

    Ashton Snapp

     a years ago +141

    I'm usually not the type to condone cussing, but dang it's funny when Austin does it! #LetAustinCuss

  • internet


     a years ago +149

    Dear Austin,
    The internet watches over you.
    Sincerely Internet

  • It's Ya Boi Mocha Man

    It's Ya Boi Mocha Man

     a years ago +32

    I miss Austin cursing up a storm. It was one of the many highlights of the OG videos

  • Ace


     a years ago +15


  • Nionivek


     a years ago +6

    And that is how the Metroids doomed us All! "But Dad, we veered entirely off topic. We didn't explain that at all". THAT IS HOW WE PROVED THEY DOOMED US ALL! "No really, all you did was explain their energy sucking abilities" One second it looks like the Game Theorists need to put down another hater!

  • Kratos Aurion Plays

    Kratos Aurion Plays

     a years ago +18

    1:04 Thankfully every Zelda game I played defaulted his name to Link. And then I played smash bros 64 before I really started getting into the Zelda series. So I never had that confusion.
    11:32 I could have sworn that was directly established in Metroid Fusion.

  • Mica T

    Mica T

     a years ago +245

    If I remember correctly, the Chozo were concerned about the Galactic federation finding parasite X and either resulting in it spreading to other planets(totally would have happened) or making a weapon out of it and they wanted to prevent either. I am going to research and check this out. It has been forever since I read the manga.
    Yeah so I was right, and Austin should have done a bit more research. The Ecosystem was not fine on SR88, the X parasite was disturbing it but that was the least of concerns. Unlike the Metroids, The X can grow, gain information and imitate about anything making them a much greater risk to the Galaxy as a whole. Had Mother brain and the Space Pirates not interfered with the Chozo's plans, they probably would have wiped the X parasite out of existence and wipe out much of the SR88's ecology as well but that would be an acceptable collateral for removing the X parasite from the universe. Afterwards the metroids would have probably died out or would have been exterminated by the Chozo.
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  • Douglas MacArthur

    Douglas MacArthur

     a years ago +7

    You sure the planet wasn't LV-426, not SR388

  • Jaxvidstar



    3:23 It's public knowledge that Samus is a she not a he.

  • Detritus


     a years ago +3

    Anyone else get a METROID: Samus Returns advert before this?

  • SandJ Gaez

    SandJ Gaez

     7 months ago +1

    I get where this is coming from, but I thought Metroid Fusion made it clear. If the X parasite gets ahold of a pilot and a space ship, THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE IS DOOMED! Even if Metroids were immortal and indestructible, they would be better than the X. While I do agree that the Chozo should have told the federation about the X and Metroids, they still made the right decision when it comes to making them or not. The existence of even ONE X parasite puts the universe at risk. While they may have been kept in check by pre-Chozo Metroids on SR388, their unique abilities make them the ultimate threat to the universe and life itself.

  • Juvepa A Person Who Shitposts

    Juvepa A Person Who Shitposts

     a years ago +2

    So Pac-Mans Eat Floweys?
    That Is Todays Biology Lesson!