How The Metroids DOOMED Us All! | The SCIENCE!...of Metroid: Samus Returns

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 21, 2017
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    METROID is one of Nintendo's best franchises, and the alien species created in its universe are some of the coolest beings ever! But if we're honest, so many of the major galactic problems in the games could've been avoided if The Chozo had just left Parasite X well alone. In this episode, Austin explains why and how The Chozo are responsible for virtually all of the problems Samus faces in the Metroid Universe.

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  • kubilusaurus2


     7 days ago

    Actually the shows are created Metroid from scratch they created my little break from scratch

  • HaXxXo VtotheZ

    HaXxXo VtotheZ

     7 days ago

    Spit out my drink at "jackalopes"...

  • StarStruck140 :D

    StarStruck140 :D

     14 days ago +1

    It's not really, "how the metroids doomed us all." It's more so, "how the Chozo doomed us all."

  • willliam george

    willliam george

     14 days ago

    The best solution the chozo could have come up with:

    Space-nuke the planet

  • ILikeWafflz


     14 days ago

    I'm torn between how interested I am in the topic and how annoying I find the narrator.

  • Apple Pi

    Apple Pi

     21 days ago

    Cyclops's "energy blasts" are canonically concussive force a.k.a kinetic energy.

  • Ethan Schoonbeck

    Ethan Schoonbeck

     a months ago +2

    -"The militant faction of whole foods" I died XD.

  • Guns'n Games 1226

    Guns'n Games 1226

     a months ago

    Sounds like the X are pretty similar to the Flood. I've been a fan of both Halo and Metroid for awhile now, but I just made the connection.

  • Scarlette Foxx

    Scarlette Foxx

     a months ago

    Why does he have dandruff

  • Caleborg


     a months ago

    4:10 hold on a minute... there may be something to this...

  • nathaniel bass

    nathaniel bass

     a months ago

    as the other video explained, "it was feared that the virus could be used as a weapon" not a fear of it specifically, oh and to add to that, all it takes is an ACCIDENT for them to spread, say if a rogue space pirate landed on the planet trying to evade pursuers or other perils...or, perhaps said pirates are poachers, tryign to steal exotic wildlife to sell

    You can exterminate a closed problem (though they apparently did not account for the virus mutating 80% of all life on the planet), but plagues are VERY DANGEROUS, ESPECIALLY IN SPACE. In space, you have very limited communication, are in an enclosed environment in order to survive and there is virtually no method of eliminating all infectious microbes

  • Gaming With Calvin

    Gaming With Calvin

     a months ago

    the parasite X likely just evolved into existence, meaning many of the population hadn't been eaten yet. However, when the chozo made the metroids, most of that said 80% WAS x hosts. So...... yeah.

  • All Shellys

    All Shellys

     a months ago +2

    “Space Monsanto, that’s what they do stick space to everything”

    Me: space aliens

  • plaingrass135


     a months ago

    Itsa me, Samus

  • Hakz Studio

    Hakz Studio

     a months ago

    Anyone like the music?

  • strikezrow


     a months ago

    Bird brains...

  • GoddessDeeDeeBubbles ofImagination

    GoddessDeeDeeBubbles ofImagination

     a months ago

    9:23: sees flowey
    ScReAmS bEaUtIfUlLy

  • John Smith

    John Smith

     a months ago

    Free Hong Kong

  • Ferenc Gazdag

    Ferenc Gazdag

     a months ago

    I think they wanted to do exterminatus, but they didn't have a Nicoll-Dyson beam, so they had to use some less efficient measure, because parasite x is very dangerous, and what they should have done is to quarantine the planet, destabilize the ecosystem, and let the proto-epidemic burn.
    They, sadly wanted to do this all on their own, and had conflicts with the people normally tasked to do such things.

  • Megalodoff


     a months ago

    Killing the Metroids was a bad idea, they're naturally weak to the cold, eventually they would've killed everything on SR388, with no food they might e tried to leave the planet, since space is obviously cold, they'd freeze even if they didn't need to breathe, they couldn't have left the planet if nobody else found out about them, they would've died and then nobody would've been harmed by them, Samus wouldn't have been infected by the X, no problems come from the Metroids if Samus were to actually kill Mother Brain for good