Top Ten Tasty Recipes Of All Time

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 8, 2017
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    Easy Downtown Blues
    Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.
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  • Miriam Be

    Miriam Be

     2 days ago

    Show this "mozzarella" to an Italian and he'll throw you out

  • ionx


     5 days ago

    Imagine being so rich that you can make the 10 of those

  • Lil Chicken

    Lil Chicken

     6 days ago

    0:05 no, america. Just no. My swedish heart breaks when i see cinnamon rolls like that😪

  • Yemamah Nyagua

    Yemamah Nyagua

     7 days ago +1

    Who here just likes to imagine eating the foods but remembers they're too lazy to cook them

  • frederica kaneza

    frederica kaneza

     7 days ago +2

    aINt NoBOdy GuNnA fInD an AvaCaDo like the one at 3:17

  • Maisie's Vlogs

    Maisie's Vlogs

     7 days ago +2

    “English cucumber” wait you’re telling me that there are different kinds of cucumbers other than the ones we get in the UK

  • Daphne Sawyer

    Daphne Sawyer

     7 days ago

    Why an entire half of an onion into that salad

  • Bigga Brodie O.D.

    Bigga Brodie O.D.

     14 days ago

    I love ur videos 😍

  • Axel Pihl

    Axel Pihl

     14 days ago +3

    7:17 this part of the song does not ever sound like a song

  • InfiniteFight


     14 days ago

    Did u get some of these from 5 minute crafts?

  • * Acina *

    * Acina *

     21 days ago

    thats mean im allergic to onions

  • pudu voyageur

    pudu voyageur

     21 days ago

    I started crying at 1:00

  • vividha Style

    vividha Style

     21 days ago

    Try my channel
    Food and Fation must subscribe

  • Pooja Desai

    Pooja Desai

     21 days ago

    In what did she dip the onion rings? one was egg, second was all purpose flour, third????

  • Alessandro Fusco

    Alessandro Fusco

     21 days ago

    6:30 Wait wtf that's not mozzarella what in the world is that

  • A BB

    A BB

     21 days ago +1

    What is it about Tasty’s videos that make them so damn satisfying to watch?! #foodporn 😋🤩🤪

  • Cyka Blyat

    Cyka Blyat

     21 days ago +1

    It was a Nice video But the only thing was that the music was kinda crappy tbh, But anyways good video😁👍

  • GooseVolleyball


     28 days ago

    4:11 trumpet gets tired

  • Windy Hicks

    Windy Hicks

     28 days ago

    Interesting the green things that you put in the pan there's no words for it what what is it slow down a little bit I would love to subscribe but it's a little too fast to figure out what you're doing

  • Joshua Mills

    Joshua Mills

     28 days ago

    Wtf was the trumpet doing in item 5 and 4