Sean Evans Reveals the Season 10 Hot Sauce Lineup | Hot Ones

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 12, 2019
  • Hot Ones returns 9/19 @ 11am EST with Shia LaBeouf, so you know what time it is: Time to unveil the starting lineup of spice for this historic Season 10! This time around, it's Hot Ones: All-Star Edition, with some of our favorite producers from the past nine seasons bringing brand-new sauces to the table. Torchbearer! Adoboloco! Heartbeat! Plus, a brand-new edition of The Last Dab—Last Dab XXX—which goes on sale 10/17.

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  • First We Feast

    First We Feast

     2 months ago +2874


  • Gautam Sainath

    Gautam Sainath

     4 days ago

    I think the heat finally got to Sean...

  • Felix Gutierrez

    Felix Gutierrez

     4 days ago

    This man is a damn FIRE WIZARD

  • Aces Encore

    Aces Encore

     6 days ago

    No one:
    Sean: the drip, gold

  • Huntsman023 E

    Huntsman023 E

     7 days ago

    Dawg are you okay?

  • Denny Montanez

    Denny Montanez

     14 days ago

    Hey @firstwefeast love your content! As I watch more and of your videos, I keep thinking how fun would it be if a random interview you guys could play the same game essentially but rather the wings are shuffled in a way that neither Sean or the guest would know. Ik absolutely love the gradual descend into anarchy like its setup now. (One of many ways Mr. Evan's flexs is journalism/interview skills.) So maybe it can be like a special event. Like a Christmas special. Anyway I digress. Huge fan love the work keep it up!

  • Jacob Godwin

    Jacob Godwin

     14 days ago

    Just bought the Hot Ones TripleX, taste alot like the Double Redux, accounting for the Chocolate X, but it is a very good sauce and worth the buy!

  • A. Valencia Aguirre

    A. Valencia Aguirre

     14 days ago

    From Méxixo you should try "Petrolera" Spicy Sauces

  • B - Man-Vaper

    B - Man-Vaper

     14 days ago

    Johnny Scoville would blow all of these sauces away

  • countys32


     21 days ago

    I read on the internet (so it has to be true) that Sean is worth anything between $40m -$60m and if that's true it couldn't of happened to a nicer more deserving guy. Now don't go all Hollywood on use Evans just because you can afford a beach house in Malibu next to Tyler Perry..looky look at who's Mr big shot, keep crushing Mr Evans we are your fans for life. Smash that like button if you agree.

  • [DS] GibbyX

    [DS] GibbyX

     21 days ago

    Kane HODDER

  • eXoz


     28 days ago +2

    man Sean talks about his hot sauce like an asian talks about their rice cooker

  • Peachy Yinka

    Peachy Yinka

     a months ago


  • Nakia L

    Nakia L

     a months ago

    Damn, I thought this was going to be a list of the guests for this season.

  • Charlie Donaldson

    Charlie Donaldson

     a months ago

    Pick up some of Portugal's Sacana Piri Piri Ai Ai - hottest sauce in the world without doubt.

  • Florian Moritz

    Florian Moritz

     a months ago

    Sean how high are u? " it's hi Sean, how are you"

  • Jason Van Stone

    Jason Van Stone

     a months ago

    We order these sauces...the 3rd one is so good, and los calientes. The XXX last dab (I don't think) is as hot as redux XX, but still good.

  • Glen Elder

    Glen Elder

     a months ago

    Get the LA Beat on this show, i might resubscribe then.......

  • Yorha Jihadi

    Yorha Jihadi

     a months ago

    2:22 that sounds fucking awesome.

  • Rosalyn E.

    Rosalyn E.

     a months ago

    It's only right that you get the Hot Girl herself on here. Megan Thee Stallion!!!