What Can You Do With a 3D Printer?

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 5, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/6FlFrqRF5wk


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    GamerGirls 2

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  • Thomas Sheehy

    Thomas Sheehy

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  • Ozzy Gaming

    Ozzy Gaming

     11 months ago +143

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     2 months ago +5

    3D printers are soooo fun

  • Shawn Orillosa

    Shawn Orillosa

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  • Synastar


     5 months ago +43

    How not to use a 3D Printer. IFTFY

  • RupertFoulmouth


     5 months ago +13

    Please dear Lord in Heaven watch an actual video on how to use a 3d printer and then remake this video.

  • Andrei Carreira

    Andrei Carreira

     11 months ago +5

    To answer your question, with a 3D printer you can print things in 3D. In other words, its a printer that prints objects.

  • The Gaming Duck

    The Gaming Duck

     a years ago +485

    Who clicked because of rick?
    Edit: Im disappointed that he didn't do rick

  • xxMasterzayxx


     10 months ago +5

    I see plank in the background

  • oaxzy


     6 months ago +63

    Any other 3D printing nerds got triggered how he was printing on paper?

  • Jhared Dave Magat

    Jhared Dave Magat

     11 months ago +1

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    Guava juice:ok let's do THIS!
    Hat:I just said that bro

  • I love Cameron

    I love Cameron

     11 months ago +75

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  • SolarPlayz


     a years ago +327

    3D printers are amazing 🤪

  • Dienze Alienze

    Dienze Alienze

     11 months ago +1

    Omg, literally 3D print money!! ( like if u agree)

  • daezpies


     3 days ago

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  • Nolan Noble

    Nolan Noble

     3 months ago +1

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  • Camren Jones

    Camren Jones

     1 months ago +1

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  • 52


     a years ago +66

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