8 Wine Gadgets put to the Test!



  • Haruspication


     a years ago +481

    Tomorrow’s video “Best Hangover Gajiks”😂😂

  • The Law

    The Law

     a years ago +205

    A Russian telling me too drink responsibly

  • All Videos

    All Videos

     a years ago +704

    Dude hooked on wine gajiks now

  • Jake Ramos

    Jake Ramos

     a years ago +57

    I can only imagine how many "gajiks" this guy has laying around his house... like every drawer has to be a junk drawer! 😂😂

  • Potatoo King

    Potatoo King

     a years ago +281

    Saw Taras On Youtube Rewind

  • Now WA

    Now WA

     a years ago +167

    Please do chocolate gadgets🤪

  • Miguel Murillo

    Miguel Murillo

     a years ago +146

    Taras Kul is the opposite of Gordon Ramsey

  • Eliseo A. Arias

    Eliseo A. Arias

     a years ago +36

    "Drrrink raspansabli dasigottasay".. 😂😂😂

  • Marwan Eskileeh

    Marwan Eskileeh

     a years ago +96

    Taras is the only YouTuber who didn't change after fame 😂

  • Josiah Trelawny

    Josiah Trelawny

     a years ago +306

    Crazy Russian Alcoholic

  • Zephyr Haven

    Zephyr Haven

     a years ago +726

    Please make a video about How to Peel an Egg the Russian Way again, just as a nice throwback :D

  • Alex Tatum

    Alex Tatum

     a years ago +186

    Crazy Russian Drinker
    Edit: Crazy Russian Likes

  • King H

    King H

     a years ago +198

    He Is Gonna Be Getting Drunk After This

  • Rgan


     a years ago +39

    this comment section:
    S A F E T Y

  • Jacob Spartan

    Jacob Spartan

     a years ago +414

    Vine gajiiks

  • A. Hitler

    A. Hitler

     a years ago +177

    Todays Vidia i put to the test this gagjik

  • Matthew Smith

    Matthew Smith

     a years ago +137

    i miss boom
    1 like = 1 boom

  • Skank Hunt42

    Skank Hunt42


    Just wondering but how many drunk house wifes are watching those

  • Kp _rider

    Kp _rider

     a years ago +146

    I will drink only one glass of wine!!!

  • Tiny Cheddar

    Tiny Cheddar

     a years ago +9

    I like how before taras was this famous, his room had Soviet propaganda posters all over it