The Break with Michelle Wolf | Salute to Abortions | Netflix

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 8, 2018
  • Michelle Wolf salutes abortion and opens up about the importance of access to abortion, in light of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement and President Trump's upcoming Supreme Court nominee announcement. The Break with Michelle Wolf streaming now, with new episodes every Sunday.

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    The Break with Michelle Wolf | Salute to Abortions | Netflix
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  • Alex Simic

    Alex Simic


    Hahaha netflix is garbage. Only sheeple still pay for that trash

  • Steve Romney

    Steve Romney

     3 days ago

    Unfunny POS

  • Adelissa Hunsley

    Adelissa Hunsley

     6 days ago

    So wrong on so many levels

  • Hudzin


     14 days ago

    Pro life isn’t real just like my will to live after watching this

  • 1suzanne11


     14 days ago

    This woman is not funny, I don't know how she can call herself a comedian !

  • Frank Adams

    Frank Adams

     21 days ago

    Orange woman bad

  • Andy


     21 days ago +5

    This actually made me weep. God have mercy on us for what we have done.

  • Jas2davir


     21 days ago

    Wow that's a face that even a mother can't love... can she be any more unfunny?

  • Not.enough to.go.around

    Not.enough to.go.around

     21 days ago

    When will the mainstream media release that the people dont like this disgusting crap! Stop trying indoctrinate us.

  • Major Wolf

    Major Wolf

     28 days ago +1


    Imagine if you were one of those fetus’ who were aborted. Imagine if you didn’t get the chance to live.

  • Ned Hesser

    Ned Hesser

     a months ago

    You’re not John Oliver. Stop trying to be.

  • Francisca Lopez Meigs

    Francisca Lopez Meigs

     a months ago

    She’s a piece of shit

  • Ashley Ortega

    Ashley Ortega

     a months ago

    Damn. Came here pro choice and left thinking..maybe it would have been ok if her parents decided to abort. Well done Netflix!

  • Animated Aaron

    Animated Aaron

     a months ago

    Guys I did it...

    I watched the whole thing.

    My God...

  • Nichol Dsouza

    Nichol Dsouza

     a months ago

    I support her totally.. I am a mother of two kids. I don't deny having my babies. I love them more than I love my self. But in a case where contraception fails , unplanned pregnancies, rape ,divorce or anything related to emotional damage that could cause a women and even the child born after that or if the child is mentally or physically disabled and the parents cannot take care later on. Yes it's a women's and a man's choice to get an abortion...ofcourse the father must know . And v if three fatherisn't cooperating for child support yes of thru want to thru can go ahead . Why should a child suffer when it is born with a lot of obstacles. .. but in rest of the cases no. I don't support abortion at all.. like knowing the consequences and having a one time fun for the sake of satisfying oneself's orgasm. No no no for this no I don't support abortion at all...

  • jester man

    jester man

     a months ago

    If you like abortions, you shouldn't exist dumb bitch

  • Audrey Visco

    Audrey Visco

     a months ago

    This woman is an ugly demonically possessed disgrace to the human race. She deserves to burn in hell.

  • Random Person

    Random Person

     a months ago +1

    This craps weird, y’all are seriously comparing abortion with ordering McDonalds?

  • Met Fan

    Met Fan

     a months ago +1

    Just going through the comments, liking every single one

  • robotron17


     a months ago +1

    Ugly inside and out.