14 Weird Discoveries in Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 ft. Nathaniel Bandy

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 20, 2018
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    Blackholes Found in Luigi’s Mansion ► http://bit.ly/2UoeBGM
    Gaming’s WEIRDEST Areas: Mirror Worlds ► http://bit.ly/2SOYQr4

    Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 have a wide variety of immersive levels. But, within these worlds I've stumbled upon 14 weird discoveries out of bounds, in glitched areas, and by messing with the game. From floating pipes to mirror worlds, there's a lot to cover. Join Nathaniel Bandy and I as we document these easter eggs and gaming secrets!

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  • SwankyBox


     10 months ago +157

    Encounter any weird things yourself in these games? Also, a big shoutout to Nathaniel Bandy for helping out! Check out his recent video about collecting every last coin in New Super Mario Bros for Wii! ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pM224SZsBc0

  • Cat Mario

    Cat Mario

     4 days ago

    The castle thing now makes sense peach has multiple castles the one from sm64 is not the same as the one in super Smash bros melee as the ssbm one is not the same as the smg one or the nsmbwii/Wii u and ds ones.. not to mention the smo one

  • dr.chef


     14 days ago

    ok dude like most of these arent weird. "the whole block house is fake" well yea fucking obvs they never intended ppl to stand on it. how is that weird

  • Sparrow


     14 days ago

    Rule #1 don't try to cheat... You will be punished some how...

  • Chris-Ev


     14 days ago

    I still find it hard to believe that the twinkles in the letters of the titles spell out "U R MR. GAY".

  • xVaporSmokePussyLord4001


     21 days ago +4

    so this isnt "weird discoveries" its more like going outside the map with mods then saying its weird everything isnt the same as in bounds.

  • ツPikaGamerPro


     21 days ago

    Playable sans character confirmed

  • Vextrove


     28 days ago +3

    Why did Mario turn into a skeleton?
    Is this a mod?



     1 months ago

    0:02 LUIGI DEAD

  • James Massarello

    James Massarello

     1 months ago

    I ment corner

  • James Massarello

    James Massarello

     1 months ago +2

    what about that book shaped thing in the coner of when you shot out of the launch star in good egg galaxy

  • Shadow Knight

    Shadow Knight

     1 months ago

    What's your second account

  • Very normal person

    Very normal person

     1 months ago

    Legend say luigi #78 is still being sucked by the black hole

  • Hjalte Brunbjerg Hejendorf

    Hjalte Brunbjerg Hejendorf

     1 months ago

    The green toad at: 10:08

  • Trainlover123 #TrainsRock

    Trainlover123 #TrainsRock

     1 months ago

    NVM he is in the video

  • Trainlover123 #TrainsRock

    Trainlover123 #TrainsRock

     1 months ago

    Where's NB

  • xA


     1 months ago

    When i was little kid i always wanted to go to The blockhouse

  • Austin Davis

    Austin Davis

     1 months ago

    6:27 that’s not the inside of a planet, that’s the cooled down lava bubble thing that you fight bowser inside of at the end of the first game

  • The Nonsensical Nerd

    The Nonsensical Nerd

     1 months ago

    It’s so weird not hearing Nathaniel triggered

  • BowserJrDottieDuo


     1 months ago

    in galaxy 2 if your on the nose of mario's ship and use the infinite flying hack/infinite flutter jump glitch you can die on your own base eventually. I was flying for a week and mario died.