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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 4, 2018
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    A who’s who of awkward assumptions and judgments.

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    Guess My Phobia | Lineup | Cut

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  • saraa9910


     23 minutes ago

    These aren’t real phobias reactions, boring.

  • Kate V

    Kate V

     56 minutes ago

    see im cleithrophobic but if you tell me to get in a box I wont hesitate as long as theres a way out im good

  • softDonut uwu

    softDonut uwu

     3 hours ago

    my phobia is melissophobia i LITERALLY HATTE BEES IF I SEE A PICTURE OF A BEE im moving to japan! konichiwa!! i am so scared of bees. once i saw a bee in my school in the hall and i literally fell on the ground not even wanting to look at it!

  • ǝʌɐʍɹodɐʌ ⵓ

    ǝʌɐʍɹodɐʌ ⵓ

     6 hours ago

    They shouldn’t use phobias because it’s just a fear that they have

  • fawzi espinosa

    fawzi espinosa

     7 hours ago

    The guy in the grey shirt was just trying to be nice stop criticizing him by calling him a narcissist even though most of you probably cant do better cause y'all are being the pricks here fukin assholes

  • Laura C

    Laura C

     7 hours ago

    you can definitely tell who's never experienced a phobia 🙄

  • shontex boi

    shontex boi

     7 hours ago



    Unclassified phobia

  • Georgia Chataway

    Georgia Chataway

     8 hours ago

    The guy in the grey was a bit funny but a complete douchebag. Ngl

  • shiniku art

    shiniku art

     8 hours ago

    So no ones gonna talk about how they held the bunny? Bunnies are prey animals, DONT HOLD THEM IN YOUR HANDS

  • Forever Helios

    Forever Helios

     9 hours ago

    Since when did being scared of something become an illness?!!?!

  • Sponge Plays YT

    Sponge Plays YT

     10 hours ago

    Fat guy is the nicest cuz he got rid of some of the people's phobias

  • i want pancakes

    i want pancakes

     11 hours ago

    omfg i have emetophobia toooo

  • Lily Zanelli

    Lily Zanelli

     12 hours ago

    at 9:55 look at the girl behind the guy!!!!

  • Lauren_lovexx


     12 hours ago

    Emetophobia check

  • D H

    D H

     13 hours ago

    I am afraid of ignorant people in the US.

  • The Rift

    The Rift

     14 hours ago

    Unclassified Phobia

  • yellowPanther


     14 hours ago

    Me: I have homophobia
    Grey shirt guy: Okay pull your pants down

  • Life with 8dogs!

    Life with 8dogs!

     17 hours ago

    I’m terrified of the dark



     17 hours ago

    The grey shirt guy is really judgy...

  • Sophia Yanuzzi

    Sophia Yanuzzi

     17 hours ago

    eww im emetophobicccc