The Funny Stories Tag (w/ TonyvToons)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 26, 2015
  • Tony's Video:

    I literally got HUNDREDS of comments telling me to make this collab (lol no thanks to Tony) They were flipping everywhere!! So here's the video for god's sake xD Hope you enjoy.


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  • Luke Mcgrath

    Luke Mcgrath

     8 hours ago

    my teacher lets us run around with socks on

  • ILikepringles OWO

    ILikepringles OWO


    In the 4th grade a girl smacked me in the face because I threw away my Oreos.

  • musicheart98


     2 days ago

    I enjoy your videos thank you so much ☺️

  • Doge Playz

    Doge Playz

     5 days ago +1

    There’s a kid in my class named Sebastian

  • Foxicorn Games

    Foxicorn Games

     6 days ago +1

    I paused it at 0:32 and Jaiden's mouth is in a really funny position

  • Ela Gulee

    Ela Gulee

     7 days ago

    I do hav 1 I did the end

  • 핑엘리


     7 days ago

    has played portal and can confirm that would be funny

  • Jason Fan

    Jason Fan

     7 days ago

    I was just playing and I saw my friend slip on a patch of sand on the concrete and to a full back flop
    and get right up
    me: wuttt...?

  • Delaney Snyder

    Delaney Snyder

     7 days ago

    One time I was playing outside with my baby cousin and there was a ladybug and my baby cousin ate it! I didn’t know what to do so I screamed his name and his mom his dad my grandma my mom and like the whole entire family came running outside and I died of laughter and my family was so confused.

  • Jolie K

    Jolie K

     7 days ago

    why haven't i seen this video before?! is it just youtube messing with me?!? I literally had no idea this existed, even when i looked at all her videos!

  • Sorren the Drwolf

    Sorren the Drwolf

     14 days ago +1

    So, I was a counselor for this summer camp and we were playing Simon Says so that the kids would behave. One of the counselors was Simon and he had them put their hand on their ear. Then he said, "Simon says take your ear off." He meant to say "Simon says take your hand off your ear". The counselors nor the kids ever let him forget it. We died of laughter that day.

  • Zari Fitz

    Zari Fitz

     14 days ago +1

    I've got tons of stories and stuff every video I just don't feel like typing

  • Gord


     14 days ago

    Lookin back on this now, I think bro, he’s a rapper now wtaf

  • Rebel Gaming

    Rebel Gaming

     14 days ago +1

    Me: huh... she seems to be anxious or awkward in this video... checks publish date oh okay that makes more sense

  • Ian Skrivarnik

    Ian Skrivarnik

     14 days ago

    the funniest moment that I can remember is when we had this satanic teacher in 5th grade that was super strict towards boys and some kid was making a mess and she yelled at him at the top of her lungs but pronounced his name super super incorrectly and gave him the most demonic look and we were all dying laughing and then after a few minutes of trying to silence us she joined in the laugh. that was the only time I've seen her smile

  • Airra sansa

    Airra sansa

     14 days ago

    Эй! ЧТО С ТВОМИ ГЛАЗАМИ. Истории смешные но лучше ОСТАВЬ ГЛАЗА ПРЕЖНИМИ!

  • Roblox Secrets

    Roblox Secrets

     21 days ago

    Who still watches this in 2019

  • Rosey's Theories

    Rosey's Theories

     21 days ago

    i broke a chair in school.

  • Logican TBR

    Logican TBR

     21 days ago

    Who else remembers the notorious couple of Jaiden and Tony?

  • kar280


     21 days ago

    Who’s watch 2019