Create a Magic GLOWING Water Fountain



  • Senel


     a years ago +226

    Health potion? It's blue though, so that means mana potion!

  • electronicsNmore


     a years ago +344

    That's a very cool creation! Place the entire thing in a shallow bowl with water and add some dry ice to create some smoke.

  • Mohammed Javeed

    Mohammed Javeed

     a years ago +57

    Add the glow liquid in to liquid nitrogen ...
    Add to it drop by drop...
    It will look like a glowing pearl

  • Arif Mohammed

    Arif Mohammed

     a years ago +109

    Can you make something which keeps its colour for longer

  • MrT3a


     a years ago +51

    I was expecting you to build the fountain, and use an integrated black light to make the flow glow indefinitely.
    Or maybe that's what you'll do next.

  • Knox Tyree

    Knox Tyree

     a years ago +31

    Pour the glowing fluid on dry ice and in liquid nitrogen

  • KnightFoxxGaming


     a years ago +48

    What if you made a fountain of JUST the dye...and then added small black lights to the fountain to make it glow. Then it would glow indefinately...right?!

  • brandon loukota

    brandon loukota

     a years ago +8

    You should try and make your own glow fluid for projects like this

  • Caleb Clifton

    Caleb Clifton

     a years ago +25

    You've made a (blue) Fountain of Youth,
    Now make a (red fountain) Volcano of Death!!!!!

  • BlastingDynamic


     2 days ago

    I know im late, but imagine mixing this with the perpetual vortex fountain idea. now that would be amazing

  • Amaan Mirza

    Amaan Mirza

     10 months ago +4

    Hi Nate..!
    why don't you try radium liquid instead of glow stick liquid and recharge it somewhere near pump assembly it will be glowing forever !!
    Love king of random ❤

  • Ze G

    Ze G

     a years ago +9

    Get the glowing fluid with you on the street and tell people that it's radioactive 😂

  • Novastar_ Studios

    Novastar_ Studios

     9 months ago +7

    You should make glowing dry ice bubbles like if you agree

  • shannon trautman

    shannon trautman

     2 days ago

    try adding dry ice to it . that would be awesome

  • Mark Allen

    Mark Allen

     a years ago +15

    It would be cool to see it upscaled greatly and use this same concept and just use it in a much larger water fountain! But I know that would be pretty hard to do not to mention the cost involved in something like that.
    See if you can paint with this luminescent fluid and create a glowing painting!
    Also see if you can make it flammable and put it into a flamethrower or something and light it up!

  • Cleo Cortina

    Cleo Cortina

     5 days ago

    What happens if u put glow fluid in a microwave

  • PolyJohn


     a years ago +7

    You guys should do this again, but mix water with the UV paint like you did before with the Aurora lamp, and just use a submersible UV led light.

  • Stuart Edge

    Stuart Edge

     a years ago +242

    Entertainingly well is spot on! I’m curious if you could make your own glow sticks?

  • Jessa TheFallenAngel

    Jessa TheFallenAngel

     a years ago +5

    Put glow sticks in with dry ice and see if it can change the color of the fog. I think this would be awesome to see if it works. 😄

  • Josh Vines

    Josh Vines

     a years ago +13

    Make a lightsaber tube. Add the activator and soap last minute. Boom star wars.