My Embarrassing & Weird Old Art

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 2, 2017
  • A look back at the weird art I made the first year and a half of animation school!

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  • Let Me Explain Studios

    Let Me Explain Studios

     2 years ago +13927

    Beginning to realize I'm always much harder on myself than most people. ^^; So how about in the distant future I show you guys the REALLY bad art from high school? Let me know! XD

  • 29William Harrelson

    29William Harrelson

     2 hours ago

    That,s mincracft

  • Chino Pepino

    Chino Pepino

     12 hours ago

    6:09 the body looks like the colossal titan from
    attack on titan

  • Viobetty 2

    Viobetty 2

     15 hours ago

    Just to make Rebecca feel better..... I did recognize goofy when you showed the picture you drew of his skeleton

    I dont think that helped much ._.

  • Gacha Nixy

    Gacha Nixy

     20 hours ago

    I n s p i r e d

  • Trevor Saunders

    Trevor Saunders

     23 hours ago +1

    Your skeleton goofy was good

  • Random Films

    Random Films

     yesterday +1

    “Look how bad these are”
    Me: oh trust me honey I ain’t even close to your level

  • E Dubb

    E Dubb


    You say you were bad!? I can't even draw a straight line!

  • Steven Universe!

    Steven Universe!



  • Chrystal Lewis

    Chrystal Lewis

     yesterday +1

    I am 9 and I am terrible at drawing and art but I only know how to draw gacha characters T^T

  • Jesus Zepeda

    Jesus Zepeda


    A shet

  • Gianni Ramirez

    Gianni Ramirez


    Let me explain studios: talks with no mouth

  • Darwin Waterson

    Darwin Waterson


    Ur embarrassing is my maximum effort

  • Inferno Cookie

    Inferno Cookie


    Who else thinks that her scissors are cool

  • Gamer Cookie!

    Gamer Cookie!

     2 days ago +1

    Rebraca, you have praised me to do beautiful art.

  • Jessica Kirkpatrick

    Jessica Kirkpatrick

     2 days ago

    I loved your Goofy!

  • xXGacha TigerXx

    xXGacha TigerXx

     2 days ago

    How can you draw so real?! Ima middle school nerd drawing anime :(

  • King of darkness

    King of darkness

     2 days ago

    Everyone:This art looks good .artists:this drawing sucks

  • blue fire

    blue fire

     2 days ago +1

    your art not bad

  • Ashtin Hart

    Ashtin Hart

     2 days ago

    Oddonesout and jedenanimotin