5 Vintage Wine Bottle Openers

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 1, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/4b8nx1CSF70


  • kingbob


     a years ago +234

    strocking it until it pop😂😂😂✌️✌️✌️

  • CbmGraphics


     a years ago +378

    Looks like you've had a lot of practice using that pump, really got the speed goin ;)

  • Amrit Walia

    Amrit Walia

     a years ago +132

    He is one of the most calmest and innocent YouTuber

  • Kevin Hosea

    Kevin Hosea

     a years ago +633

    Did him and Katharine host a party after he filmed this? That's a lot of wine for 2 people

  • FakK oUh

    FakK oUh

     a years ago +187

    7.34 ;)

  • Shawn Orillosa

    Shawn Orillosa

     a years ago +54

    maybe he used all the wine while watching the world cup

  • Joel Lottridge

    Joel Lottridge

     a years ago +38

    You ever imagine what the checkout person from the liquor store thinks when a Russian man goes and buys like 10 20 bottles of wine every week?

  • Cars n' Bikes

    Cars n' Bikes

     a years ago +74

    Looks like he has a lot of experience pumping things

  • Sheev Palpatine

    Sheev Palpatine

     a years ago +76

    Taras makes me proud now to take over the world.

  • FakK oUh

    FakK oUh

     a years ago +56

    8.17 - 8.29

  • René Kulik

    René Kulik

     a years ago +108

    Interesting video as always Taras! I'm very excited for that TV show, looks very nice!

  • ziljin


     a years ago +157

    These vintage wine gadjeks are super Kul! Boom!

  • Amirah's Kitchen

    Amirah's Kitchen

     a years ago +255

    Congrats Russian Football team from Bangladesh.

  • Brute Better

    Brute Better

     a years ago +17

    Happy 4th Taras, make something go BOOM!☺🍉🎊🎉👍🎂

  • J


     a years ago +16

    Who remembers when he used to make videos that actually required safety goggles

  • the honest_troll

    the honest_troll

     a years ago +3

    That last one 😂😂😂, my gosh. Probably good practice for...

  • Mason


     a years ago +35

    Let's just appreciate how he opened like 15 wine bottles and obviously didnt drink them all😂

  • Rishabh Arora

    Rishabh Arora

     a years ago +3

    Proud of you man. Congrats for the show. All the very best :)
    I believe you'll still stay the same after more fame that will follow you now...:)

  • kosumozero


     a years ago +155

    These are vintage gadgets!!!. So cool.!!

  • Michael Dalley

    Michael Dalley

     a years ago +7

    Happy Canada day!!! 🇨🇦🇨🇦