ITZY Members Profile (Birth Name, Position, Facts...)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 20, 2019
  • ITZY Members Profile Birth Name, Position, FactsITZY Profile Girl CrushJYP New Girl GroupTWICE Sister GroupShin Ryujin, Shin Yuna, Hwang Yeji, Lee Chaeryeong, LiaBTS, BLACPINK, TWICE, TXT, EXO, Red Velvet, WayVVideos were uploaded & owned by KPOP MUZIK. (Do not reupload) 👑 Follow KPOP MUZIK - Bringing joy to your life 👑 » Facebook : » Google+ :» Twitter :» Like Facebook Page :
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  • nicolerain3

     6 months ago

    Are you telling me the oldest is a 2000 liner? My babies.....

  • Justin

     1 months ago

    damn this makes me feel old.

  • ohhh oh kkaebsong

     2 months ago

    Boy Story.

  • Kea Magalong

     5 months ago

    Yuna's 15 years old?? Wtf-

  • Strawberry Gacha

     20 days ago

    Kea Magalong Idk anything about korean age but i think she is 16...

  • Diana Ramirez

     1 months ago

    She must be that talented

  • Violett Plays

     5 months ago

    so thats why when i saw chaeryeong i was questioning myself why she looked like chaeyoung from IZONE


     1 months ago

    So you didn't know them ?? Before

  • reneboy llander

     2 months ago

    me too

  • Gaby Aguilar

     5 months ago

    LiA (Choi Jisu) looks a lot like a mix of Jisoo (Black Pink) and Irene (Red Velvet), she's so pretty and she's the main vocal right? Wow that girl......👑👌

  • Ashley Kane

     20 days ago

    LiA and Jisoo has the same name!

  • Once Zara Zulaikha Shamsul Kamal

     1 months ago

    Gaby Aguilar sometimes she looks like Irene, sometimes she looks like Jisoo

  • krystal kim

     5 months ago

    Ryujin is killing me!!!!!😘she's so charming plus she's perfect.

  • Playing with Fire

     1 months ago

    Nobody is perfect. Ryujin has flaws. Like everybody else in this world.

  • Uv TaTa

     6 months ago

    ITZY + TXT + YG TREASURE BOX = The next generation of 4th KPOP

  • Mafan H Manullang

     18 days ago

    + everglow

  • Iyan Syahputra

     23 days ago

    + ateez

  • Adeline Pamela

     5 months ago

    omg the oldest member is a 2000 liner.. and i am here as a 2000 liner too... but feel like a potato 😂😂

  • ASap_Shaolin

     9 days ago

    Yo ngl; there's actually not that many people born in '00 where I'm from so represent!🙌

  • Jung Gukie

     1 months ago

    They remind me how untalented and ugly i am😂

  • Lia Lumangcas

     4 months ago

    Their cat : 🐺🐱My cat : Yeji, Jennie, Seulgi, Lia

  • Love Kpop

     1 months ago

    Lia Lumangcas yess😍👑

  • Tenton J

     5 months ago

    they around my age doing sum and I'm sitting here exploring youtube, making me feel bad lmao

  • Cutsiwootsi

     1 months ago

    Park Chaeyoungie Ayy same

  • Kharla kling

     2 months ago

    omg i should come to my senses.

  • Jenifer O.

     5 months ago

    These idols keep on getting younger and younger lol. I remember when most maknes were 97 liners

  • Chloe theCubeStan

     5 months ago

    Lol, while I remember when Shinee debuted and everyone was amazed bcs Taemin was really young 😂