Melting Batteries in Liquid Metal

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 17, 2018
  • In today's video we're finding out what happens when you drop lithium batteries in liquid melting, and one of those batteries is in an iPhone!

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  • jaspr1999


     a years ago +383

    Well... It didn't get wet so I wonder if the warranty will replace the phone :-D
    Just INSANE!!! Respect to the battery design that they held up as long as they did under those conditions.

  • BRYTE Kru

    BRYTE Kru

     a months ago

    Woooooowwww real sapphire is 2,030-2,040°C and Aluminum or Aluminium is only 660.3°C that's so weird. I really wonder what Apple does to it.

  • creations and others

    creations and others

     a months ago

    Please try to boil toothpaste and put in vacum chamber and put in freese dryer and put It in liquid nitrogen and make cotten candy

  • Anthony Munson

    Anthony Munson

     a months ago

    Hmmm knowing Zach it’s no surprise he did it to a apple not samsung

  • Manly Bean

    Manly Bean

     2 months ago

    Please make a giant vaccuum chamber

  • Spoopy Spaghetti

    Spoopy Spaghetti

     2 months ago

    Rip phone

  • Bill Branning

    Bill Branning

     3 months ago

    A new aluminum alloy - aluphone?

  • Jersey Newlin

    Jersey Newlin

     5 months ago

    Every girls worse nightmare 😂😭

  • Bobby8nyc/Daddy_fit


     5 months ago

    Lol anodizing definitely doesn’t make aluminum flammable

  • William Jemeyson

    William Jemeyson

     5 months ago

    2:50 Have you tried rice

  • Christian Hethcox

    Christian Hethcox

     6 months ago

    Pour molten aluminium from 12 meteres high. See if it cools before reaching the ground

  • John Sheppard

    John Sheppard

     7 months ago

    Melting point of sapphire is 2072°C.I like making them with an HHO torch.And what I would like to see is how a fused magnesium oxide will look like!I did use it as a flux few times but it's not that informative since I used it together with alumna..

  • pyrobrawler


     7 months ago

    Just put the phone in rice overnight

  • Madeleine Klinger

    Madeleine Klinger

     8 months ago +1

    i looked up sapphire's melting point. I couldn't find apple's sapphire tho normal sapphire is 2,030 degrees celcius, 3,711 fahrenheit

  • Leg-eye


     8 months ago


  • Commie Doggo

    Commie Doggo

     9 months ago

    Try turning it off and on

  • Joshua


     9 months ago

    2:52 put it in some rice, that'll fix it 🙃🙃

  • Daniel Horne

    Daniel Horne

     9 months ago

    you wanna try it with the d size lithium or grab some 18650s or pouch cells lol it would be a bigger explosion

  • 10 subs no vids

    10 subs no vids

     9 months ago


  • devin miller

    devin miller

     9 months ago

    Nice to see they found a use for iphones