Baldi VS Mariobaldi part 2

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 15, 2018
  • when mario takes Baldiplace then what happen .!

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    Characters and Music by Nintendo/themushroomkingdom

    Try out Baldi's basics in Education and learning if you haven't already!:

    #Baldi basic education
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  • Lam play

    Lam play

     11 months ago

    Foi igual a primeira parte

  • Jonash Mesina

    Jonash Mesina

     11 months ago

    Collecting the notebook and will turn on Baldi's head.

  • Ina Mendoza

    Ina Mendoza

     a years ago

    Luigi plus Luigi plus Luigi = baldi

  • Igor Daniel

    Igor Daniel

     a years ago

    That baldi voice

  • Alemostafa31


     a years ago

    Your stilling from level up stop it

  • Nora's World

    Nora's World

     a years ago +1


  • salam allami

    salam allami

     a years ago


  • Pls Dont sub meh or die

    Pls Dont sub meh or die

     a years ago

    Baldi vs maldi

  • J Lee

    J Lee

     a years ago

    Baldi sounds like Russian here.

  • Gareh Lander

    Gareh Lander

     a years ago


  • victor sudachen

    victor sudachen

     a years ago +1


  • ShadowGamer 300

    ShadowGamer 300

     a years ago

    This type of shit vídeos is Boring and not popular seriously baldi and Mario cmon! This is passed of fashion si something good not this shit!

  • sameer alkafajy

    sameer alkafajy

     a years ago

    lokman fack you

  • vanessathodwris21


     a years ago


  • nguyen tritrung

    nguyen tritrung

     a years ago

    1st prize

  • nguyen tritrung

    nguyen tritrung

     a years ago

    Baldi princal bully gotta sweep art and crafters

  • Playtime


     a years ago +1

    Lets play

  • super awesome game time15

    super awesome game time15

     a years ago

    you could make a part 3

  • N Irby

    N Irby

     a years ago

    Ultiment wierd

  • Noe Cases

    Noe Cases

     a years ago +1

    Is baldi a game?