Neuroscientist Explains the Laurel vs. Yanny Phenomenon | WIRED

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 16, 2018
  • The Laurel vs. Yanny debate is taking the internet by storm. WIRED's Louise Matsakis speaks with Tyler Perrachione, PhD, about why certain people hear Laurel when playing the now-infamous audio clip and others hear Yanny.

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    Neuroscientist Explains the Laurel vs. Yanny Phenomenon | WIRED
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  • Andrés


     2 days ago

    wth is with her eyebrows tho

  • Maddie Hugonnet

    Maddie Hugonnet

     3 days ago

    I hear yanny with laurel underneath

  • ekathe85


     3 days ago

    0:35 Dr Perrachione has been demonstrated to actually be two kids stacked on top of each other

  • Liz Morris

    Liz Morris

     3 days ago


  • Milo Ten

    Milo Ten

     3 days ago


  • XZhenx X

    XZhenx X

     4 days ago

    you just do to the higher pitch and you will hear laurel

  • XZhenx X

    XZhenx X

     4 days ago

    i know how to do it

  • b0b Jerrington

    b0b Jerrington

     6 days ago

    This is wierd I heard yanny, went back and played it again and heard laurel

  • bartolomeu malfeitor

    bartolomeu malfeitor

     6 days ago

    every time i hear laurel but if i focus and hear it over and over i can hear yanny, it's like a switch, really incredible, and i'm able to hear one or the other after that "switch"

  • Monnut GT

    Monnut GT

     8 days ago

    What the... i first heard laurel and then i heard yanny

  • Josh Kendrick

    Josh Kendrick

     9 days ago

    He looks like a fusion of Mike Myers and David Mitchell...

  • ThE MoNiToR

    ThE MoNiToR

     11 days ago

    I hear yanny 100%

  • ethan DuBose

    ethan DuBose

     14 days ago

    how yall hear this ? i heard protect the motherland

  • Pingu 42

    Pingu 42

     15 days ago


  • Wonder Blind The hero

    Wonder Blind The hero

     18 days ago

    i hear yammy

  • Reee Inc

    Reee Inc

     20 days ago

    Her eyebrows tho. Oof.

  • Faiiithio lol

    Faiiithio lol

     22 days ago

    I can only hear yanny

  • Zhary Pedroso

    Zhary Pedroso

     22 days ago




     1 months ago


  • angela h

    angela h

     1 months ago

    Laurel, always.