TOP 25 RAREST FORTNITE SKINS OF ALL TIME! (i bet u don't have #1)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 12, 2019
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  • Irma Yanthi

    Irma Yanthi

     2 hours ago

    I think Dantdm Have The Royal Dragon

  • Chloe Jenkins

    Chloe Jenkins

     3 hours ago

    Pled River was last seen on me bday

  • Chip Dip Amamations

    Chip Dip Amamations


    Fake. Fake. Fake. Fake. FAKEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • jacob churella

    jacob churella

     yesterday +1

    i have the alpha banner

  • Chris K.

    Chris K.


    i have the banner because my friend gave me his account

  • Izaya Nole

    Izaya Nole


    Bro I hate the Alpha banner but it's that rare I have that same exact banner that's crazy I can put on the Raiders revenge and the recon and tha mako and be the rarest person in fortnite



     2 days ago

    And i am a fortnite mobile player with 0 skins..🙄

  • mynnnutz lol

    mynnnutz lol

     2 days ago

    Wrong... its the moisty merman you idiot

  • Furious King

    Furious King

     2 days ago

    ok i do not have #1

  • Furious King

    Furious King

     2 days ago

    i have played fortnite from season 1 when it was unpopular

  • Lincoln Stickhead

    Lincoln Stickhead

     2 days ago

    Why didn't og xmas skins get anything I mean I'm pissed f##k you epic

  • Lincoln Stickhead

    Lincoln Stickhead

     2 days ago

    I've never seen the double helix pack

  • kalhoon


     3 days ago

    i don't use the starwars glider because it flies in and basically marks where your at. see one coming in while sniping just see where it picks up the char and mid air cutdown.

  • Marzipan The Greatest

    Marzipan The Greatest

     3 days ago

    To be honest the backpack Empress is not that bad. Although, I agree it’s too expensive for a backpack.

  • B I G B O I

    B I G B O I

     3 days ago

    i remember that in season 2 i got the snowflake for no reason at all

  • Gaetano Bartolone

    Gaetano Bartolone

     4 days ago

    Didn’t know an umbrella was a skin

  • SmoothKillsTTV


     4 days ago

    I’ve ran into 1 kid in my life time with the Alpha Banner me and my friends were so confused! I believe it was Season 7 I ran into him

  • Jim Bof21

    Jim Bof21

     4 days ago

    The rarest skin is renegade raider???

  • TheGameSpace 909

    TheGameSpace 909

     4 days ago +2

    0:53 well that took a dark turn..

  • iiDiscolobster


     4 days ago

    The rarest skin is chapter 1 defult