Yesterworld: 5 Unfinished & Abandoned Disney World Attractions and Projects

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 30, 2018
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    Exploring 5 stories of Abandoned & Cancelled Walt Disney World Projects and Attractions along with the traces that remain today.

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    Credit Correction:

    I accidentally overwrote one of the credits in the intro, as the amazing video footage of the abandoned Legendary Years Hotel was graciously provided by John at Central Florida Sights and Sounds. Check out his channel here:

    Special thanks to:

    Rob Plays
    Central Florida Sights and Sounds
    Theme Park Stop by Alicia Stella


    Videos used for BROLL:

    Central Florida Sights and Sounds - -

    Theme Park Stop by Alicia Stella - /

    MouseSteps / JWL Media -

    TPMvids -


    Double Drift by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

    Transmission - John Deley and the 41 Players
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  • Porsche Phonake

    Porsche Phonake

     7 days ago

    Almost near to​ WWII =.=

  • Leo Hillmann

    Leo Hillmann

     7 days ago

    1988 Who Framed Roger Rabbit

  • Joe K

    Joe K

     28 days ago +1

    Most expensive restaurant ever. So exclusive it never opens.

  • Nocturne22


     1 months ago +1

    Insane that the entire castle in Japan has a whole unused second floor

  • LoCo CoCo

    LoCo CoCo

     1 months ago

    does vrv have rugrats?

  • Inksterwiz


     1 months ago

    Something is up with art and animation if you enter that place a curse will be opon you there is something that probably happened to that stoped them from working on it...

  • HRO 0

    HRO 0

     1 months ago

    4:50 really?

  • Briandrum


     1 months ago

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit was not released in was 1988.

  • HumpMeFuckMeDaddy BetterMakeMeChoke

    HumpMeFuckMeDaddy BetterMakeMeChoke

     1 months ago +1

    I know she’s NOT A princess but how she’s really popular why doesn’t Disney have females cosplay AS Jessica Rabbit?she is clearly loved by many people so is she not family friendly enough?what is the point of having her Around if they’re too pussy to promote her at parks?

  • renamix


     1 months ago +1

    Prop's for keeping this up, besides disney's famous attitude of copy right striking anything to do with it.

  • Matt Fondacaro

    Matt Fondacaro

     2 months ago +1

    11:00 missed opportunity to mention "The Lottery" starring Bette Midler...

  • mmmaclovin


     3 months ago

    Would have loved Roger rabbit. I remember that after backstage tour.

  • fyrTV


     3 months ago

    Oops! Roger Rabbit was not released in 1980 9:07

  • Nicola Ross

    Nicola Ross

     3 months ago

    Something that baffles me to this day relates to a Roger Rabbit ride. I was on holiday in Florida in 2007 and we went to all the Disney World parks. I have a recollection of seeing signage for a Roger Rabbit/Benny the Cab ride. I had never seen the movie before and it would be a couple of years before I did see it (becoming my favourite ever film to this day), but I still vaguely recognised the characters. When I finally did watch the movie, my obsession led to me digging out the park maps to try and find this Roger Rabbit ride I vaguely remember passing. But could I find any trace of it? Absolutely none. My research told me that there’s the one in California, but Florida? Nope. I couldn’t have imagined it because I barely knew what Roger Rabbit was back then. This will now forever baffle me, unless anyone else can shed light on my mystery?

  • Rachael McCullough

    Rachael McCullough

     3 months ago

    Okay but the legendary hotel would’ve been super cool. They could’ve taken it and made the 30s area based off of Tower of Terror

  • flyingcat546


     3 months ago

    yes, because you should go to a sponsor to watch red vs blue. right, because youtube cant do it in probably better quality now. i see

  • Andrea Tharp

    Andrea Tharp

     3 months ago

    The Japan Pavillion needs a Big Hero 6 ride

  • Blackout's Box

    Blackout's Box

     3 months ago

    Roger Rabbit was 1988 not 1980.

  • I’m addicted to TikTok

    I’m addicted to TikTok

     3 months ago

    I have an emotional investment in Beastly Kingdom at the moment and it’s TrAgIc😔✊

  • C. Tyrell

    C. Tyrell

     3 months ago

    Why isn't Galaxy's Edge in this video?

    Oh, I see it was made in 2018.