I'm too Awkward for My Own Good

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 13, 2016
  • the cringe is strong, here

    Thanks to Ami & BlackSen for the voices!
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  • Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ

     23 hours ago

    The worst thing for me is when I want to get something to eat on the go and I have everything ready in my head but suddenly I am presented with extra options that I didn't expect.

  • Sludge Muffin

    Sludge Muffin

     yesterday +2

    I wonder how many people found this video by typing the title into the search box.

    It just showed up on my home page, btw.



     2 days ago

    me & my best friend:* just finished a conversation *
    *awkward eye contact and awkward silence for a few seconds*
    best friend:what? 😐
    me:nothing 😅 * turns away *

    this situation is just made worse by the fact that i'm a girl and my best friend is a boy. i still cringed to that moment 'till this very day (the whole thing happened in 7th grade (my current grade),BTW)

  • The poiple Team

    The poiple Team

     2 days ago

    So I'm in the high school marching band and one day we had a water break and this is my akward moment.
    Hsg= high school girl
    Me= me
    Hsg" do you want me to fill up your water"
    This is the akward moment
    Me "yes ma'am"
    My mind " exploding with thoughts of embarrassment"
    Hsg" did you just call me ma'am"
    Me " yes, sorry it is habit"
    Also me " walks away with heart pounding"
    Also also me" I am an introvert so this event will be remembered and will scar me forever.

  • Agatha Anselmi

    Agatha Anselmi

     2 days ago

    I was at a table with my friends and I was talking to them.
    We got on a random topic and I started making hand gestures
    The hand gestures meant something innocent, but it looked like kissing.
    At the other table was a group of boys that were looking at me in that exact moment.
    My eyes glance to them and I saw their faces!
    They thought I was hinting I loved them!!
    I kind of mouthed that it wasn't what they looked liked. but they didn't listen and blushed.

  • JoSo Ko

    JoSo Ko

     3 days ago +3

    Me at a restaurant:
    Waiter: Enjoy your meal
    Me: Thanks you too

  • Adrian rocks409 Ruiz

    Adrian rocks409 Ruiz

     3 days ago +1

    I’m the loser in junior high who no one wants to hang out with

  • POOTIS Sandvich

    POOTIS Sandvich

     3 days ago

    As someone who is pretty darn tall for my age, I can safely say that it isn't really awkward to be called tall. I'm not even in 10th grade yet and I'm about 6 feet tall, and one of my friends calls me a "human giraffe" and all I can do is laugh.

    Briefly after writing this comment, I noticed I used the word "and" more than I probably needed to...

  • ASTRO!


     4 days ago

    3:50 pathta with no thathe

  • Leo. T

    Leo. T

     4 days ago

    Lol Jayden! I'm a weirdo too!!!!

  • MC .Princess

    MC .Princess

     4 days ago

    One day my friends and I were in lunch and My friends were talking about earrings and how I need them... Well I wanted to talk too and so I don’t want earrings so I yelled out of nowhere “I DONT EAT EARRINGS” meaning to say “I don’t want earrings” but yea I cracked up and so did my friends. (I hope I spelled friends right)

  • yung goofy

    yung goofy

     4 days ago


  • Mykhaylo Gorbushko

    Mykhaylo Gorbushko

     5 days ago

    XD hahaha the waiter is so frking funny i literly spit my water on my pjama :D

  • Pan!c on

    Pan!c on

     6 days ago

    Flustered lesbian 😂

  • RedCloude


     6 days ago

    Oh damn I tend to do the stair into the void of space and get lost into my own thoughts while unknowingly in realty I'm staring at some random person. Sometimes they get creep out and would either move or ignore the fact I'm staring at them even though I'm not actually looking at them. Other time people would come up to me and ask why am I staring at them. I just tell them "Oh I'm not staring at you I'm staring at a direction you just happened to be in the way". I remember this art teach back at college she gave me a nickname after a movie she had watched. The man that stares at west. I never saw the movie. Lol Anyways stay being you Jaiden your awesome the way you are.

  • Alvin Cl

    Alvin Cl

     6 days ago

    Part 2 please

  • Helen Harding

    Helen Harding

     7 days ago


  • Craig Day

    Craig Day

     7 days ago +1

    When I was in second grade we were doing a play and then

    My mind * um you don’t know your line *

    Oh I forgot to mention we were doing the play to the 8th graders!!!! 8 EIGHT GRADERS

    And I had to use my book, I wasn’t embarrassed, I am lucky because the 8th graders left because I’m in fifth so there in there 1st year of college

  • Sophie Chan

    Sophie Chan

     7 days ago

    Over the summer I was at a restaurant and I ordered something and I didn’t like it. My family kept asking me if I wanted to order something they knew I would like but I said.. no. I thought if I said yeah it would be an inconvenience so I just kept saying no

    Other situation(s) (FREAKIN MULTIPLE)
    I tell someone something and they ask if it’s one thing (it’s not that one thing) and I just say yes because I am too socially awkward to say no

    Other situation(s) (multiple.. AGAIN)
    I space out when someone is talking but feel like it’s rude to say “what?” Because I think the person will take it as “excuse me your so boring I forgot to listen and just tuned you out so please repeat while I try to listen to your stupidity” which IS NOT WHAT I MEAN IT TO SOUND LIKE! So when they ask a question in the middle of them talking I just say “yeah” because I don’t wanna come off as rude and then after I say “yeah” I pray to god that what I said was the right answer. If I say “what” and they do think I’m being rude then I would crawl under a rock for the rest of.. my school life

    Okay so I’m 14 which means I’ll be under the rock for like 10 years if I include collage.. freAk imma be eating worms for a while

  • DarkFrootLoops DarkFrootLoops

    DarkFrootLoops DarkFrootLoops

     7 days ago

    Im akward too ik all these problems..