FROZEN 2 Trailer Breakdown! Elsa Powers Origin Revealed!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 24, 2019
  • Frozen 2 Trailer gets an in-depth breakdown and analysis! What hidden clues and Easter Eggs did you overlook in this trailer for Frozen II, which explores the cryptic backstory of Elsa's powers and the history of Arendelle? Erik Voss breaks down this latest Frozen trailer shot by shot for everything you missed. What is the true meaning of the four symbols that keep appearing in Frozen footage? What is the deeper meaning of the Frozen 2 song Into the Unknown?


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  • Ana Holguin

    Ana Holguin

     7 days ago

    I tolf my parents I was gonna go Watch this movie but I went to a party instead. Hahah thanks for saving my life

  • Balázs Horváth

    Balázs Horváth

     7 days ago


  • Joris Frederiks

    Joris Frederiks

     14 days ago +1

    Ga ja lieve mijn vrienden Elsa’s krachtige vanuit ze harts handen van YS zoveel van zyn voor Elsa zelfs

  • AllThat Jaz

    AllThat Jaz

     14 days ago +1

    I'm so glad I only watched the first trailer before I went to see the full movie. The other trailers gave away too much and it makes the movie so much better and surprising! :)

  • EduKid Activities

    EduKid Activities

     14 days ago


  • M K

    M K

     14 days ago +2

    You were right. N all your assumptions were correct. How do you know all these stuff. If freaking cool.

  • Jazmyne Oshier

    Jazmyne Oshier

     14 days ago

    look at olafs face!!! LOL!!!

  • Jazmyne Oshier

    Jazmyne Oshier

     14 days ago

    9:20 again awful!

  • Sabrina Cochran

    Sabrina Cochran

     14 days ago

    I have see this movie yet and my name is sabrina

  • plasma1492


     14 days ago +1

    magic trolls make sven live forever duuuuh

  • The Official Dussu

    The Official Dussu

     14 days ago +1

    This is literally me when I see a spider

  • william alloway

    william alloway

     14 days ago

    Seen the movie and some of what you said is true.

  • James


     14 days ago +5

    This is actually pretty accurate, having seen the movie.

  • Madi Demi

    Madi Demi

     14 days ago +1

    No no no he has totally watched the movie it explains everything right

  • Gael Zepeda

    Gael Zepeda

     14 days ago

    You miss a part. It's wen Cristo was gang propos

  • Liza Maria Matthaeus

    Liza Maria Matthaeus

     14 days ago +6

    am i the only one who came here after watching the movie

  • lightningboy 1136

    lightningboy 1136

     14 days ago

    I think agnar's father started the fight

  • Hollywood Girl

    Hollywood Girl

     21 days ago

    ........ and then he figures out what actually happens and realizes his theory is completely toast now

  • powerpuff muse

    powerpuff muse

     21 days ago

    Maybe they are related to the malefiscent,little beast and the king heheh i dont know,maybe all this disney princess are realted to each other.sleeping beauty,snow shite someone or somethin is related to them by blood.i have this imagination that they are

  • Tom Malewar

    Tom Malewar

     21 days ago

    Movie is out and you probably saw it so now do a break down on that.