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  • Punisher Castle

    Punisher Castle

     a years ago +5898

    “What up with that Paul Rudd”
    I’m sorry that is a fantastic question lol

  • ShadowFenix


     9 months ago +5694

    Is Paul Rudd dead?
    Paul Rudd: “....... yes.”

  • Morgan Blair

    Morgan Blair

     3 months ago +2018

    is Paul Rudd going to be in infinity war part 2
    Paul Rudd: uwu

  • grievous444


     5 months ago +3359

    Is Paul Rudd dead?
    Nope, just floating in the quantum realm until Endgame

  • Lucas Torregrosa

    Lucas Torregrosa

     5 months ago +1112

    4:29 Michael Douglas sounds authentically happy to have Facebook. That's sweet.

  • Jonathon Lee

    Jonathon Lee

     3 months ago +1495

    Q: Is Evangeline Lilly in lord of the rings?
    EL: Nope I'm not
    Q: Is Evangeline Lilly in game of thrones?
    EL: Nope I'm not
    Q: Is Evangeline Lilly wearing a wig in Ant-Man?
    EL: Nope I'm not
    Q: Does Evangeline Lilly speak french?
    EL: Oui, je parle francias (Yes, I speak french)
    Q: Can Evangeline be a boy's name?
    EL: It is 2018, Evangeline can be anything you want her to be

  • Unfunny Profile

    Unfunny Profile

     a years ago +5235

    Can we be real for a moment and just talk about how Paul Rudd is almost 50??
    Forget Olay skin rejuvenating cream,
    What alien products does Paul Rudd use, and are they on sale?

  • Bridget The Goat

    Bridget The Goat

     a years ago +1941

    Paul Rudd is credited in Infinity War because he was mentioned in the movie.

  • Kairru Gomi

    Kairru Gomi

     2 months ago +535

    Hannah mentions her Instagram account
    Michael Douglas: I have Facebook.

  • Olie44


     5 months ago +681

    “How to get Evangeline Lilly hair?”
    “We’re both Irish”

  • Thejus Knaapan

    Thejus Knaapan

     4 months ago +224

    wired:what is paul Rudd?
    Tony:who is Paul Rudd?
    Drax :why is paul Rudd?

  • HilalBetul Şen

    HilalBetul Şen

     a years ago +975

    Evangeline Lilly is so beautiful

  • Abhineet Kelley

    Abhineet Kelley

     8 months ago +848

    7:06 Imagine Tom Holland answer that question 🤣🤣

  • RedVIII


     a years ago +8666

    I like Evangeline's and Paul's chemistry. But to be honest, who wouldn't have chemistry with Paul Rudd?

  • Avonell Rose

    Avonell Rose

     a years ago +728

    i clicked on this video because evangeline and paul look so much alike in the thumbnail.

  • E B

    E B

     7 months ago +201

    Unsatisfying sticker peeling

  • Educationist


     a years ago +373

    Where is Paul Rudd, Who is Paul Rudd, Why is Paul Rudd?
    Thanos the purple grape🤣🤣🤣

  • Icy Cold Hands

    Icy Cold Hands

     4 months ago +245

    3:30 Fun fact, her whole name actually means "Neon Genesis Evangelion"

  • RoyalFlashCraft


     5 months ago +245

    Holy crap, Michal Douglas was alive when Captain America was first created

  • • Craz •

    • Craz •

     11 months ago +688

    "is Paul Rudd going to be in infinity war pt.2?"
    ooohh... I see a Hint there 😉