How to make a Wooden Katana from hardwood flooring // Woodworking

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 23, 2017
  • I was inspired to make a wooden katana using left-over hardwood flooring!
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    I have always been intrigued by martial arts and after watching Iron Fist on Netflix I had the idea of making my own practice katana. I had a lot of scrap hardwood flooring from our home renovations, so I found some really beautiful pieces and got to work.
    Most of the sword is made from left over cumaru teak flooring that I recently used in our house. It has a really beautiful grain pattern and some elegant figuring, plus it's extremely dense and hard. I had just finished watching Alec Steele's series on making a Damascus steel katana, so I had a rough idea on how the whole thing went together.

    First, I drew out the rough shape of the blade based on some online dimensions. I cut out this shape on the bandsaw making sure to leave a tang on the bottom that would fit inside the hilt. I rough sanded the blade to give the sword some definition and moved on to the tsuba, or hand guard.

    I found another smaller piece of teak flooring for the tsuba. I used some calipers to measure the tang dimensions and transferred those lines to the blank tsuba. I drilled out this space and had to chisel and file the pocket very carefully so that the blade tang would sit snuggly into it. After I had a good fit,  I cut the tsuba into an oval using a paper template.

    After researching how katana hilts are wrapped in cotton or silk strips, I decided to recreate that look with an inlayed contrasting wood. I had a piece of scrap oak flooring from my boys' room which would look awesome against the teak hilt. While I worked on other projects, I had my friend Josh CNC out the hilt design and the resulting diamond pattern looked just like a traditional fabric wrap. I hogged out the inside of the hilt to receive the tang and once I got a snug fit, it was time to assemble the major components.

    The tsuba fit onto the tang and the tang fit into the hilt. I added a kashira or pommel to the end of the hilt and it was all done. I finished the katana with some linseed oil and beeswax polish and it looks gorgeous! I am so happy to have my own sword and I feel like a true samurai!

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  • Kareem Alnasser

    Kareem Alnasser

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    I love the people who master their work like what prophet mohammed said : God loves if one of you did a job to master❤️❤️😍

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    Weebs have joined the chat

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  • Uminchuu


     2 days ago

    That's a nice looking bokuto. Way too thin and light looking though to use for training with. Still, nice craftsmanship.

  • Dragon Boi

    Dragon Boi

     2 days ago

    This is a cool katana

  • Dustin Vaughan

    Dustin Vaughan

     2 days ago

    Very cool

  • Justin Peter

    Justin Peter

     2 days ago

    Is making stuff with wood hard

  • XxDRAKE1235xX


     3 days ago +1

    Nitpicking and really late but a wooden katana has a proper name it's called a bokken. Well technically bokken is any wooden sword but it was most commonly in the shape of a katana

  • Project Juliet

    Project Juliet

     3 days ago

    Sell me this

  • Project Juliet

    Project Juliet

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    Sabito?? Kimitsu no yaiba??? Lol

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    Elijah Long

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    Gintoki inches closer

  • tlou goat

    tlou goat

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    Anybody else laugh everytime he said tang?

    No? Okay.

  • Noah Burton

    Noah Burton

     3 days ago

    I’m now gonna make one

  • Fuchs Teufelswild

    Fuchs Teufelswild

     3 days ago

    Lol! Ich hab eines aus nem Knüppel mit einem handelsüblichen Hobel, einem Küchenmesser und etwas Schleifpapier hergestellt. Um es gerade zu biegen über einen Topf mit kochendem Wasser und mit Alufolie abdecken. Ok, andere brauchen dafür teure Geräte...Wieviele Geräte hat er gebraucht? Was hat der Schnulli gekostet?

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    Karakatitsa 220

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    Wait. That's illegal



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    Gintoki, is that you?

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    Zemzun Zemzun

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    Ur woman

  • Jim Patrick

    Jim Patrick

     4 days ago

    Go to a martial art store and buy a wooden practice katana yours will break if you use it for anything

  • Page29 Page

    Page29 Page

     4 days ago

    Can I come to your house please so I can get the ktanta