Corridor Scientists Lose their Fingers in "Deadly" Experiment

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 22, 2018
  • Knife throwing song in beginning by Rusty Cage:

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    The guys see how many times they can flip knives while Peter catches us up with his Spiderman movie.

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  • Rusty Cage

    Rusty Cage

     a years ago +1488

    Thanks for the shoutout. OH WAIT

  • Drew Taylor

    Drew Taylor

     10 hours ago

    Your neighbors must love you guys. 'Hope they're insured lol

  • Andrew Gould

    Andrew Gould

     17 hours ago

    its confirmed corridor is actually just one guy who has perfected 3d modelling

  • Steffi S

    Steffi S

     7 days ago +1

    Wren at 16:09 is me, trying anything in life.

  • GhostGuard 1

    GhostGuard 1

     14 days ago +1

    Wren's face at 11:50 😂

  • DragonEyeZak


     14 days ago

    this is literally the worst idea

  • Taylor Kimpton

    Taylor Kimpton

     a months ago +1

    Where's Clint? Shouldn't he have the chance to pretend to lose some fingers in the name of science? This is obvious discrimination against tall, skinny brunettes with corrective lenses and y'all know it. Shame on you.

  • Vidyut Krishnasrinivas

    Vidyut Krishnasrinivas

     a months ago

    1:52 so a handS-Shake

  • Sierra LVX

    Sierra LVX

     a months ago +1

    1:48 I can't stop watching that handshake.

  • Valdemar Flores

    Valdemar Flores

     a months ago

    When are they gonna hire peter full time?



     a months ago

    Smart ad placement

  • Oliver Mensinger

    Oliver Mensinger

     a months ago +1

    Dude, the Rusty Cage videos gave me a bit of anxiety.

  • Sam Schmid

    Sam Schmid

     a months ago +5

    “Don’t waste the gaff”

    Big facts

  • Lars is my name!

    Lars is my name!

     a months ago +1

    I found corridor in gta modded the map so u could enter the building and made it exactly as u are showing it in ur videos

  • LevelUP


     a months ago +1

    Oh guys....o geez. Do you smell that? It smells like demonitisation.

  • Patryk Garstka

    Patryk Garstka

     2 months ago

    I do it with a real knife

  • Patrick Hilker

    Patrick Hilker

     2 months ago

    What is name of song at like 8:58

  • Phill Hart

    Phill Hart

     2 months ago

    holy crap guys - just put gaffer on the point and blade .... sheesh ;)

  • jason docouto

    jason docouto

     2 months ago

    yo bro one mistake that can kill somone glad nothing big happened

  • Lost Time Memory ProjectTakane

    Lost Time Memory ProjectTakane

     2 months ago +1

    Wait why not add a magnet for the spiderman logo on his back?