VFX Artists React to Resurrected Actors Bad & Great CGi

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 1, 2019
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    Wren, Clint, and Niko react to the best and worst examples of deceased actors being resurrected through CGI!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/2ZKPnuUFwOk


  • Inspector Spinda

    Inspector Spinda

     an hour ago

    i think people should do it like copyright. after a hundred years or so the face is public domain.

  • DuffCookie Jones

    DuffCookie Jones

     2 hours ago

    The Crow ?

  • gluuuuue


     3 hours ago

    For a lot of them though, it looks like a ghost is wearing the dead actor's face, just digitally, and it's creepy af..

  • gluuuuue


     3 hours ago

    Oh, the mask thing for Peter Cushing makes a ton of sense now. Just about everyone has seen Cushing's performance in the originals so we probably subconsciously know how his facial muscles would flex and deform and so on when he speaks, when he smiles, when he expresses. I think what's happening (or a good part of it) is that CGI Tarkin's facial muscles don't move the way you expect but kinda like it's a rubber face mask instead.

  • angelaisacliche


     4 hours ago

    I'm sure it's legally possible to own your own likeness and if I was a celebrity I definitely would. Think about how quickly your career could be ruined by someone using a deep fake.

  • Gavin Revitt

    Gavin Revitt

     6 hours ago

    If an actor is alive then I would say you can't do it without their permission since they ARE their intellectual and actual property. If that person is deceased and the family would give their blessing to it for whatever reason they deem to be acceptable, then the criticism rests with the artists.

  • Hasena Ali

    Hasena Ali

     7 hours ago

    I was waiting for them to talk about Brandon Lee in The Crow

  • Zay 6991

    Zay 6991

     22 hours ago

    Nice Tekken reference lol

  • Liss Firefly

    Liss Firefly

     23 hours ago

    I had no problem with Tarkin, but Lea was AWFUL. Her mouth moved all wrong.

  • GunSafetyDwight ARM

    GunSafetyDwight ARM

     23 hours ago

    Grandma Tarkin👵🏼

  • EpicMiBz!!



    Surprised they forgot to mention Brandon Lee from The Crow.

  • Mushrif Ahmed

    Mushrif Ahmed


    For the "Grandma" Tarkin scene, I think it's the emotions displayed and some of the motion that makes it seem fake. When we express any emotion with our face, the eyes change too, I don't see that being properly conveyed. Another issue seems to be how a lot of the facial motions are disjointed. As in for a certain motion/emotion the mouth and chin region might be moving but the eye region is completely static. I feel the old Disney 2D animation artists were masters at capturing that expression completely and really well. As in depict those emotions/expressions with the eyes and mouth.

  • nicolas hoyos bertin

    nicolas hoyos bertin

     2 days ago

    Dudes, please. This whole video is gold, but this last part is the best i've seen on a music video https://youtu.be/46rJ4y2kdow?t=219

  • Carter Pashko

    Carter Pashko

     2 days ago

    one does own their physical likeness. if you were to recreate an "identifiable' person with Computer graphics the creator is subject to copyright infringement. The persons "identifiable likeness" is part of copyright. Now you could make a 'deformed" looking Tom Cruise as long as it is different enough to claim "incidental" likeness. Or you could make straight up Tom Cruise and try to claim "parody" which is protected by copyright law as "fair use"...but I don't know enough about "image likeness" as it pertains to "fair use" to know how that is or isn't protected by "fair use" image law (my specialty is in music). So I say fuck it....make Tom Cruise CGI rep the shit out of your channel....and if you get a shitty letter....ask for forgiveness. But it'll be a sick video. Just blame Zenu and say your corrupted alien energy made you do it......he has to relate to that shit. lol

  • Mohammed Riaz

    Mohammed Riaz

     4 days ago

    I think u never seen the Kochadaiyaan movie from Bollywood 😋😋😄😄

  • boats


     4 days ago

    wtf i didnt know they did that in gladiator

  • Carlos Maestre

    Carlos Maestre

     5 days ago

    6:42 they horizontally flip the CG head (look at the hair line)

  • The Joke

    The Joke

     5 days ago


  • Брудли Блюа

    Брудли Блюа

     5 days ago


  • MrToyote


     6 days ago

    The guy in the left never say something interesting