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  • Matt McPherson

    Matt McPherson

     4 months ago +792

    Thank you tape face for giving Terry the golden buzzer :)

  • Megoon


     6 months ago +983

    I was disappointed that the little girl did the exact same act...

  • Rainwatereyes • 99 years Ago

    Rainwatereyes • 99 years Ago

     5 months ago +448

    I love how none of the judges even talked about him pressing his own golden buzzer

  • FanFloX, Writer&Games

    FanFloX, Writer&Games

     6 months ago +828

    2029 : America's got Talent - The Legends

  • Carl Kurowski

    Carl Kurowski

     5 months ago +350

    We gonna talk that Simon litterally almost scared a man to his death???

  • Sruthykm 18

    Sruthykm 18

     3 days ago +1

    I love kechi 😍,she is very beautiful &her voice it's just amazing ❣️❣️_love from India ♥️

  • Beltner Gon

    Beltner Gon

     5 months ago +212

    The lady survivor voice is really incredible, she's really a survivor..I'm crying man.

  • Angela Magic Salveson

    Angela Magic Salveson

     6 months ago +112

    Kechi is beyond amazing! All the pain & trauma she suffered, & still does, comes out in her voice. You can feel the emotion behind every word she sings. I've never heard this song before, it sounds church-like, but I love it!! Anybody know it? But I'm sure I'll like her singing it better, all the emotion behind it. She couldn't have picked a better song.

  • priscilla faith

    priscilla faith

     5 months ago +108

    how dare you put an ad between her beautiful song

  • Jenny Nguyen

    Jenny Nguyen

     4 months ago +302

    Simon always says I didnt like it — I loved it hits buzzer still gets me everytime

  • Graham Dawson

    Graham Dawson

     5 months ago +127

    Kechi. Oh my God. Just so beautiful, moving, powerful... lump in my throat and tears rolling down my face. So glad Simon hit the golden buzzer.

  • Lottie Pug

    Lottie Pug

     6 months ago +179

    What Simon did for Kechi was amazing!! And Kechi was Amazing on her own!!!

  • Easy mE

    Easy mE

     4 months ago +132

    Wow, you must have a very high IQ to buzz when someone swallows a blade.

  • ItzSoBalinha


     4 months ago +182

    12:57 she did the same act as before and not even a change 3 books a word on the board and then she showed a picture of a judge on her tshirt holding de card lol so lame for the champions

  • Victor Davies

    Victor Davies

     6 months ago +432

    Thanks Simon for given Kechi the GOLDEN BUZZER

  • lilburrito hiya

    lilburrito hiya

     6 months ago +71


  • Kerwin Ma

    Kerwin Ma

     4 months ago +148

    When Simon does a 2 armed hug you know it is special. 😭

  • Madisyn


     2 months ago +25

    Terrys smile when he got the golden buzzer made me so happy. The joy on his face is just awesome.

  • Tim Funt

    Tim Funt

     2 months ago +33

    Oh my God that poor black woman is such a god giving gift she's a beautiful gift from God I love her I wish I could vote for her but this is already pre-recorded God bless you sweetheart keep up the great work

  • Stormy Samuel

    Stormy Samuel

     2 months ago +53

    The comedian with the stutter was a good looking kid, now he's a downright handsome young man!!!!!